Silicone Baking Cups Liners Review

Check out these fun, colorful, high quality Silicone Baking Cups from Prime Kitchen. Super bright fun colors that scream BAKE with ME!!

These baking cups are BPA Free! Non-stick!! Seriously, non-stick!! You will be amazed at how easy these are to clean! I did not have to use a non stick spray, butter, flower, I didn’t have to use ANYTHING and yet the muffins came out easily with nothing, no cupcake parts left behind!!

More to love is the fact that these baking cups are super easy to clean. No soaking and no scrubbing needed. If you wanted to you could throw these into the dishwasher!! These are not flimsy like paper. These liners have some heft to them; after-all they are designed to stand alone on cookie sheets.

Prime Kitchen’s Baking Cup Liners are also oven, microwave and even freezer safe!! Which means these are super versatile. You can make cupcakes, microwave individual loaded scrambled eggs; make individual jello cups. Individual ice cream servings. Cheesecakes!!  You can make handmade soap, candles and bath bombs too!


Y’all know me and packaging! I love when products are presented in a unique or stylish way. Prime Kitchen makes these cupcake liners even more special by shipping them in an adorable decorative box. SO CUTE!! Perfect for gift giving or storing the liners together.

These liners work perfectly as a liner in a muffin tin or they stand alone on a cookie sheet.

Prime Kitchen offers a 100% Money-back Lifetime Guarantee on these baking cups! How amazing is that!?!?

– 12 standard size, reusable cups in handy storage container
– Heat resistant up to 446°F/ 230°C
– Microwave, Freezer and Dishwasher safe
– High quality, BPA free and FDA approved
– Cups are 2 5/8 inch diameter x 1 1/4 inch tall
– Holds up to 2 1/4 fluid ounces


Are you kidding? First, the colors are FUN. The size of the liners are perfect!! I can use them anywhere! Freezer to oven and with a lifetime warranty you can’t go wrong!! BONUS! They clean up easily!! LOVE these!!!




    These are great! I’ve been promising myself that the next thing I buy for the kitchen would be some silicone baking trays but these individual ones look much nicer and a lot more versatile too! I’m sick of having to soak baking trays to get off burnt bits and even the good ones eventually go rusty and I end up taking them to school to use for crafts.

  • Rosie

    I didn’t ever imagine all the additional things you can do with these besides cupcakes – I’m sold – I must have these right away!!! for baking, making ice cream and crafts – I’ve been googling bath bombs wondering what to use for forms – yippee!

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