Six Ways To Better Your Mental Wellbeing

Our mental health is part and parcel of our entire being. Your mental health is just as important as your physical one, so much so that bad mental health could end up causing physical harm to your body.  With that being said, it’s important to find ways to help aid your mental wellbeing so that you are prioritizing your mind when it’s needed. Here are six ways to better your mental wellbeing.

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Call Out Self-Doubt Or Those Bad Thoughts

It’s common to often doubt yourself and to let bad thoughts about yourself, control your life. What we see is often completely different to what others see when it comes to our own self and so it’s important that you’re calling yourself out on those times where you may have self-doubt. Whether it’s to do with your job or in your personal life, it’s important to start contributing positive thoughts into your mind instead of allowing that self-doubt to fester away and attack your character. We all get bad thoughts and doubt about ourselves and it’s certainly normal to feel that way. However, we’re in control of our own minds and so it’s good to try and find ways that you can have a more healthier and positive approach towards yourself.

If you find yourself to be someone who doubts themselves a lot then think about why that could be. It may be that you’ve experienced something in the past that resulted in someone calling you out to be someone you’re not. When that happens, we often go around thinking that and expecting for it to be confirmed by someone else. The likelihood is though that it’s not.

Get The Support 

Support is important to get when it comes to your mental wellbeing and it might be helpful to talk to someone about how you’re feeling from time to time. It could be someone you trust whether it’s a family member, work colleague or your next door neighbor. Often times may find that it’s better to speak to someone not connected with your immediate everyday life, visiting somewhere such as Serenity Mental Health which use experienced professionals can be an effective way of making progress in feeling better mentally. Getting support isn’t a sign of weakness and it can certainly be beneficial to your health.

Another form of support that’s worth considering is an emotional support dog. These are a great addition to your life if you require the comfort of a dog. It can be helpful for those dealing with their mental health and needing someone who actually doesn’t talk. An emotional support dog can be handy for anyone, whether they live alone or not. It can be of great use and it’s something that you can have signed off by your doctor if it’s needed. That means, it can be something you can have at home even if your landlord or leasehold says dogs aren’t allowed. They’re considered to be just as necessary as dogs for the blind.

Have A Good Balance Of Work & Personal Life

A good work-life balance is necessary when it comes to your mental health. If you’re not looking after this balance, then it can certainly hinder how you cope with your mental wellbeing. Some people love to work and some people love to live more, that’s what makes us different and unique. However, it’s good to have a balance of work and personal life to help provide different structures, environments and to give you a more varied lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a stay-at home parent but it’s good to be doing something that challenges you and gives you the opportunity to grow.

The same goes for being a workaholic, you need to have some moments where you make memories and live in the moment. There’s nothing fun about working to retire and not living in the process.

Do Something For You Every Day

Doing something yourself every day is good for the soul. It’s good to spend more time on yourself, even if some people may deem that as being selfish. The truth of the matter is that you live your life for yourself and not for other people. What you do in life is yours and yours alone, just like it is for others. So if you want to treat yourself to a new item of clothing or perhaps get your hair done every month, do it. Giving yourself that bit of self-care is good for your mind and it’s good to reward yourself. Whatever you do in life, living alone is hard and challenging, so don’t feel pressured to put others before yourself all the time. Do things that you love and that you want to do.

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Spend Time Around Those Who Really Care For You

Spending time around those who care for you is essential. There are lots of toxic people that aren’t worth your time or your energy. However, those people may end up coming into your life without you knowing at first. Spotting those people who aren’t good for you is good and that can be easily done by looking at who is there for you. You want people who bring you up and celebrate your wins in life. They also need to be there to lift you up when you’re down. Those individuals who do the opposite and feed off of your failures, are not a real friend or relationship that you want to exist in your life.

Always Acknowledge Your Mental Health

The truth is, we all have mental health because we all have a brain. Our mind is a complex network and our brains are all wired a little differently. It means that what may be a struggle for one person, might not be a struggle for someone else. Regardless, we all have bad days and so it’s important to recognize and acknowledge your mental health. Deal with it in what way you think is best and if you need advice or support, ask for it. Don’t suffer alone or with your thoughts bottled up because that never ends well.

Bettering your mental health is important so use these tips to help yours.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I need this advice! Since I got so sick, I have been thinking of getting some therapy. I honestly think I have some small kind of post-traumatic stress. It just gets to me once in a while.

  • Rosie

    These sound like excellent suggestions. I know I fret a lot, and wasn’t like that when younger, but if your circumstances are such that you don’t feel that secure, for some, like me, it is hard to beat. I’d love to have a dog, whether an official emotional support dog or not, it would probably work good! but I have to move, and have been working on that.

  • Kelly O

    Mental health is so important, yet there is such a taboo about taking care of your mental health. Thanks for putting a light on it, and general self care.

  • Kelly Kimmell

    This is all really great advice. I know I have a difficult time with doing something for myself each day and I have to set aside time just for me.

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