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The saying goes that you don’t know what you don’t know. And when it comes to business, it is even more vital that you are actively looking for those spaces in which you might need to plug knowledge gaps. People who made it big in certain areas, like a legendary marketer or a master social media whizz have gotten there through a mix of hard work and learning. And, you can too. 

Here are some areas in which you should look to gather more knowledge than you currently have. It will pay in the long run, it doesn’t matter if you use it or not. It is better to have it – just in case. 

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There will come a point that your business is going to grow, and you are going to need to lead people. And leadership isn’t about saying ‘hey you do this, I’ll do this’ or laying down harsh truths. Real leadership means that you bring all of your team into the light. You will highlight and make the most of their strongest points, and be able to find them the right training to improve areas that they feel weak in. It means challenging people to be the best they can be and instilling confidence in them. 


From time to time, you will go through periods that your focus will falter much more than you’d like. You might be tempted to take on too much work and spread yourself too thinly. Focus really needs to be on one thing at a time, rather than on multiple things. Your core vision should be the goal at all times, and you are more likely to reach it when you make it your focus. 


Even if you struggle to draw an apple, you will do well to learn the aspects of design, and in fact, try out some of the programs that designers us. Because there will be times that you are going to have to show a concept or an idea and it doesn’t work verbally. If you can create the images or the design in a basic concept – you can build on it with words. Creating the whole picture. 


While at one point, you will have a team that will market all of your products for you, you probably need to know more than just the definition of marketing. There will be occasions that you make mistakes, but you can learn from them quickly and adapt. The key is to work out where you are going to perform the strongest and where it is worth putting your time and money. 


You are going to need to work out more than just your cash flow. Bookkeeping can be as simple as a well put together a spreadsheet, but that won’t last for as long as you might like. There are many free apps and programs that can put your books in order with a few simple clicks and some details. 

Business and learning go hand in hand. You don’t know what will happen in the future that may leave you some staff down or needed to reassess your money.


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