Skinvolve Starter Kit Review & Giveaway

Sum summ summer tiiiiime! Why, yes I WAS singing that line!! It’s on its way; I am almost positive. Seriously, it has to heat up to swimsuit weather eventually right?? But, are you ready? I’m not, not even CLOSE!! Although lately I’ve gotten a little boost in my efforts. Skinvolve; a gel lotion that is made to slim, tone and help to reduce the appearance of cellulite by utilizing natural ingredients that fight all those lumps and bumps. The Body Boost Gel features a unique blend of Ginseng, Green Tea and Menthol, which combined together help to break down stubborn fat cells.

A little more about these two products that I’ve been using. First the Body Boost Gel, this one you’ll want to apply before your workout; concentrating on your problem areas like abs, thighs, and arms. I love the way this gel feels when it goes on; it’s cool and refreshing and has a slight tingle to it. I love the feeling of tightening I get using this gel. The gel absorbs into your skin quickly, it leaves no greasy feelings, only soft, smooth skin after it dry. Apply generously and give the area a firm massaging making sure the Skinvolve is fully absorbed. You can use this both morning and night. Remember, adding even a short workout will really give you optimal results.

When you are done with your workout or at the end of the day after you shower add The Body Karate Cream. This one is made with pure caffeine and Argan oil. This one is so moisturizing! You’ll not only feel great from your workout but The Body Karate Cream will make you feel rejuvenated! I love this cream! Again, it’s not greasy in the least. It smells heavenly.

These two products work together so well!! Added bonus is the help you get to your body ready for that summer dress or a swimsuit. I was going to write a bikini; but even writing that word gives me hives! So we are going with swimsuit and shorts.

I love that Skinvolve is a great tool against my arch nemesis cellulite. She’s a spiteful B$&*!! You can be thin or heavy, tall or short young or old; cellulite just shows up whenever it wants too. Oh maybe if I were 20 again and actually kept my body in shape (round, is not the shape I had in mind!) MAYBE I wouldn’t have as much as I do now! I do know that I won’t ever get rid of my cellulite BUT I can do things to help ease the look and appearance of what I have!! I added Skinvolve to my daily regime about 3 weeks ago; both the Body Karate Cream and Body Boost Gel; I’m impressed and I’m encouraged! I’ve even been using it on my neck, I seem to have grown an extra chin or two over the last 4 years! Skinvolve is actually helping in that area too!!


Each tube is 8 oz., approximately a one months supply.

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Soft skin, help with the appearance of cellulite AND I can feel my skin tightening? WHAT could I possibly whine about?!!


One lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own Skinvolve Starter Kit valued $60. You’ll receive both the Body Boost Gel and the Body Karate Cream. The power team that works together to fight cellulite, tone and hydrate.


To make sure everyone has an equal chance of winning each household is only eligible to win 1 Skinvolve Starter Kit. If you won on another blog you aren’t eligible to win again.  Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway.



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