SKORCH Dry Bag for Outdoor Activities Review

So, what’s a SKORCH Dry Bag?? Only the greatest bag for anyone scratch that EVERYONE that is involved in outdoor activities! This is the GREATEST fully waterproof bag that is a MUST have especially for summer! This is a big bag. 8″ by 16″. The bag is a beautiful bright blue with a single, wide, adjustable black strap so that you can wear this over your shoulder.

This dry sack is perfect for trips to the beach, the swimming pool, pool parties. From kayaking and canoeing; sailing to hiking! This is going to be one of the best additions to our yearly Yosemite Camping trip. When we hike up to Yosemite Falls I won’t have to worry about my camera getting wet! Our lunch will stay dry!

The SKORCH Dry Bag is also easy to clean! Simply wipe of any mud or marks with a damp cloth. Same goes for the inside!  I love that!

Not only is this bag FULLY waterproof before and during the trip. BUT after the trip all the wet stuff goes back in the bag and your car stays dry!! I LOVE this for the pool!! Everything is protected while the kids splash and play. When swim time is over all the wet stuff goes into the bag AND my car stays dry!!

This bag is made of a durable UPVC material; it’s not a heavy bag at all EVEN when it’s packed full of your belongings. The wide strap helps make this a light load!

We love these bags! With all of the electronics that we haul around I love that I have a dry place to keep them.

To use the SKORCH bag simply fill the bag; fold the black webbed area over once, squeeze out the air. Fold over an additional 2 to 3 more times and then latch with the clasps that are located at the top. I promise you NOTHING is getting in your SKORCH bag!! Not a single drop of water!

My next purchase will be for the smaller size for my phone and iPad.

Nope, not a single one! This is in my car ALL of the time!! No more worrying about water ruining our stuff at the beach! Just pack, fold and go!




    Now that I’m getting better (slowly) after the operation on my leg I’m planning to start swimming regularly again. Something like this would be ideal for keeping wet cozzies & caps in.

  • Sandy Cain

    I really like the looks of this! So much better than those crappy re-used (over and over) bags from the supermarket. I’d like to get a large one and small one. And I’m glad to see the strap is nice and wide! Good product!

  • Lindsey L

    This would be great for the beach! We are heading to St Pete to visit my brother at the end of May and this would be great to take along!

  • Carol S.

    This would be so handy to take hiking or for one of our beach trips. I was unfamiliar with the Skorch dry bag, thank you for the introduction! And it’s nice to find a product at such a reasonable price also.

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