I have a question for smokers and in particular my son Zachary. Why do you smoke?  Why did you start? I know as a child Zac hated the smell of smoke. He was a major complainer when the Grandparents smoked around him. So as an adult did you forget that it smelled bad to you?  Did you decide that the smell is tasty??
I have never smoked. I’ve never seen the appeal. I don’t understand the whole concept. I apologize right off bat…… but SMELL BAD!!  I don’t like the smell of smoke, I don’t like the taste of kissing a smoker.
Don’t worry I’m not going to go all bitchy and moan, groan and harp at you, honest.  I don’t care if you smoke, I don’t make a fuss for those around me…. like I said my son smokes…. I’m not going to get bitchy to anyone else except FOR Zachary… I gave birth to that one.. so I figure he has to pretend to listen to me ever-so-often.
I truly would like to know why you started smoking?  Have you tried to quit? Do you even want to quit?
I do understand addiction to something….. cause if you try and make me give up chocolate I will cut you!! I’m NEVER giving up chocolate. EVER!!
Everyone else…… you may be excused now…… Zachary, STOP SMOKING TODAY!!!!  Love, Mom

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  • Trisha F

    I hate cigarettes and have never taken a single puff – I thank my mum for making me hate it by being a smoker when I was a kid 😛

  • adjn1104

    I’m probably a rarity, I didn’t start because of peer pressure OR curiosity like a majority of smokers do. No one in my family smoked, none of my friends did either. At 18 I found myself in a stressful life situation that I couldn’t get out of, and started smoking on my own as a way to relieve that stress. I’ve quit a few times (cold turkey is ALWAYS the most effective), and currently I’m 9 months smoke-free. But having picked it back up every time I’ve quit, I’m pretty sure the addiction will always still be there.

  • Sandra Tyler

    That’d a hard one. I smoked in my 20s but then have it up. It was cool and I was young and thought I’d live forever. I’m not at hat point with my kids, and now I wonder how I handle it. Try not to worry.

  • mooderino

    It’s an image thing. Not much you can do about it. Eventually he will stop because of common sense, but young men and common sense take a while to get together.

    Moody Writing

  • Renata S

    I also used to complain about the smell of smoke when I was a kid (my parents never smoked, but some friends of my mom did). I started smoking about 20, I really don’t know why…
    I’ve been smoking for 16 years, and now I can feel how it hurts me. But it’s not easy to quit. Quitting is my goal for this year, I hope I’ll be able to do it.

  • Jennifer Dysart

    Well i smoked off an on since I was 13, but I quit for good a few yrs ago. I still miss it, but it makes me sick, the smell is bad and when you stop you realize it. I am glad I quit, I gained a few pounds from it, but better than toting around an oxygen tank like my aunt with emphysema.

  • Clarissa Draper

    I had friends that smoked but I never did because I didn’t like the smell. I hope your son is able to stop smoking.

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    My father smoked at the age of 12 till he was 63. I was so proud of him for being able to quit after 51 years. He said God blessed him and just removed his want to. Truly Amazing! I will say the damage was done. He developed COPD in his 70’s. If nothing else people watch someone die with COPD. Horrible way to die. I have the benefits of second hand smoke. I have Asthma really and early signs of COPD. My one brother smoked after yelling at my dad for so many years. He has pleurisy and since quit. Other brother is in denial and coughs all the time and has breathing issues. My sone too smokes but they all think this will never happen to them. Zachary is nothing else listen to someone who isn’t related to you. When my husband visits his brother who also smokes, He has to change his clothes and shower. I can’t be around it anymore. Enough said! <3

  • Veronica Lee

    I had my first try at the age of 15 just to experience what smoking was like.I coughed and spluttered and have been hating the smell and taste since!

    Hope your son will be able to stop smoking!

  • Paula

    I started smoking as a young girl (around 15) and smoked for 32 years. I started because all the girls smoked to make us look “cool”. I know, stupid reason but that was why. And then I was addicted to it. When you are the smoker you can’t smell how bad you smell or how bad the cigarettes smell. I quit 14 years ago. Was the number one HARDEST thing I have ever done. And the only reason that I will NEVER smoke again is because of how bad it smells. Nicotine is very addicting. I hope that Zachary stops now.

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