A Sparkle Red Girls Dress From Itaar!

Get ready for cuteness overload!! I’ve shared with you before how much 4-year-old Alice loves to play dress up!!  Whether it’s costumes or frilly dresses she just loves sparkles, lace and frills. (hummmm wanna guess where she gets that from!?)

Wait till you see her primping in her new ‘Princess Dress‘!! Such a ham! (yeah, yeah, yeah she gets that from me as well. Gesh, y’all know me so well!!)

This dress is amazing! Under $25!! Starting with the skirt portion of this dress, it has 6, yes six layers of fabric so it has lots of swing to it. The bottom layer, next to Alice’s skin is a lightweight cotton, not just for the skirt but the bodice as well, this dress has absolutely NOTHING scratchy touching her skin.

There is a layer of tulle, polyester, satin, crinoline and more tulle. The sparkle in the dress is the glitter that is in the second layer of the skirt. We did not have any glitter on the ground so I think it’s part of the material.

At the waist is a 1½” satin band that is sewn around to the back with enough left over to tie a beautiful bow and still have tails hanging down. Beautiful!!

The top has flowers sewn on for a 3D effect. It’s so beautiful.  Alice couldn’t stop twirling around in this dress!!

The dress has a detachable bow that can be pinned on the front or the back. We chose to attach it to the back of the dress because this NaNa can’t tie a pretty bow! But you could attach it to the front of the dress if you wanted. I wasn’t a big fan of the bow in front.

The back of the dress has an 8″ zipper so it’s easy to put on and take off.

I found the sizing to be perfect.

The dress was also a huge hit at Disneyland!


Not a single one!! The dress is well made, excellent seams, tons of full layers for plenty of Princess swirling. Alice is totally in love with this dress; there was a HUGE fight to get it off of her! She wanted to sleep in this dress!



  • Kate Sarsfield

    Well, I still want one but I’ll have to work on my waistline first! Mum had a 19 inch waist when she got married … don’t know what happened to that gene ‘cos I don’t even go in at my waist. More like a barrel than an hourglass, even at my slimmest!

  • Rhonda Martin

    She was just a little princess herself in that pretty red dress. It looked like it was made purposely just for her. She makes a pretty model and the pictures at Disney are priceless. She must just melt your heart every day.

  • Sarah L

    Great video. Alice looks so much like her cousin (or is it sister? – can’t keep your grandkids straight) in a couple of the pictures. Beautiful dress.


    I want one! Seriously, Connie, I really want one! The bodice is beautiful and the skirt? Oh, the skirt! You can tell Alice that the mad cat lady in Ireland is very jealous!

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