Spider-Man Zippy Sack!! GIVEAWAY!! #JFShome

This is my Grandson Eli. He is a Spider-Man obsessed 6-year-old! So you know I jumped at the chance to review Jay Franco & Sons Spider-Man Collection!!image
Wait till you see the serious cool factor for the Spider-Man ZippySack! Check this OUT!! The ZippySack is an extremely, want to cuddle under, fleece blanket but with an extra feature that makes me want to scream “WHAT took you so long to invent this?!!” The fleece blanket fits on a twin bed like a fitted sheet! It stays put ALL NIGHT LONG!! There is no kicking off the blanket in the middle of the night. The ZippySack stays in place.

There is elastic on all four sides of the ZippySack, not just the corners like a traditional fitted sheet so it really will stay on the bed. Not only elastic all around but the fitted sheet is deep enough for a real mattress.
Spiderman ZippySackTo get in the ZippySack unzip the long almost a full 38″ zipper get in the blanket and zip up. Brilliant! Along the side of the bag is also a pocket to keep your essentials like a book and a flashlight. Another added perk is the fact that there is no excuse not to make your bed in the morning. By make the bed in the morning I mean zip up the blanket! Done! Bed made. (Can you picture me dropping the mic here??)

ZippySack Spiderman

Spider-Man ZippySacks are available on Amazon and at Walmart. Check out the Finding Dory ZippySack too!
ZippySack Spider-Man


NOT a single one! Seriously, what’s not to love?? The ZippySack is soft! The fact that it fits like a fitted sheet with elastic all the way around means the blanket isn’t going anywhere. It’s machine washable (cold water and dry on low).



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