Spirit Of Halloween MADE Me Do It!

I recently saw a funny saying on Instagram that said something to the effect of “Buy the stuff that makes YOUR estate sale INTERESTING!”  Well, MY estate sale will have people going WTH!??! (I want you to take notice that I cleaned up my WT!!) I want people to point and shake their heads speechless. I ALSO want to be a ghost standing next to them just laughing my a*@ off.

So, some of you may know about Mority.

It’s been established that I have a few screws loose.  I, at times, may have a slightly odd sense of humor…. so with that in mind back in 2005 Mority entered my life. While I was at work The Husband bought me a surprise because Halloween is my favorite holiday!  I love decorating, I love dressing up, I love the trick or treaters, I love it ALL!!!   I came home to a “Candy Butler”  He stands 3 and a half feet tall.  He can be set to motion activated so his eyes light up and he talks. HE IS AWESOME!!!  I named him Mority.  I had so much fun with Mority that after Halloween I told DH I didn’t want to put him away to which DH responded “Well, what are you going to do? Stick a turkey on his head and call him a turkey butler?”  WHY DO PEOPLE PUT THESE IDEAS IN MY HEAD?!?!?!

Thanksgiving Mority

That was the start of …… well…. everything Mority!  FYI Mority wears a size 2T to a size 4T in toddler clothing ya know… if you want to send him clothing.  (DO NOT ROLL YOUR eyes at ME!!) Mority is out 24/7 364 days a year. Mority has 4 HUGE rubbermaid containers of clothing and costumes.
Mority Sailor
If you want a look at other costumes, clothing and all things Mority just hit that search button over at the right and check out his fashions.
Since adding Mority to the family I’ve always thought I want a full size mannequin. I NEED a full size mannequin.  I can NOT afford a full size mannequin. Last weeks trip to the Goodwill made my little heart flutter. I CAN afford a $5.00 child size mannequin. I’ve named him Little Bobby. I post the picture on Instagram of Little Bobby. The Husband said “I’m shocked you came home without him”.  The look on my face clearly said “Ohhhhhhhhh honey…. don’t be shocked”.  The Husband “He’s downstairs in the craftroom isn’t he??”  Now, I must shop for Little Bobby, standing 50″ tall  he wears a 6 or 8 in toddler clothes. He WILL be decked out for Halloween ASAP!! I have the PERFECT costume for him!!
Little Bobby
Check out the creepy corner. This is a weird spot at the bottom of the stairs that leads to my craft room.
Yes, it makes me happy. Yes, it makes me laugh. Yes, I’ve got screws loose.
THEN I get home and find that the Spirit of Halloween store sent me a coupon code. DANG IT!!! I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the household: John Doe.

HELP ME NAME HIM!!!!!!!!!  I’m leaning towards Henry? Franklin? Abner? Should I leave it as John Doe?

John Doe is 5’3″ and now I HAVE A FAMILY!!!! Of Dummies. I still need a wig and a mustache.  I found the Prince Purple Rain outfit on TV Store On Line.  (check the side bar for the store link, it has top gun on the picture) Search for “Music Singer Purple Cosplay. It’s listed for $0 just pay shipping. It’s amazing quality. John Doe is wearing a size small. Once he get’s a wig he will start popping up through out the house.  I’m thinking under the covers in the guest room.  Wanna come visit??

What Halloween costume should John Doe sport??

STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!!! I get that look from my children.

Seriously, how amazing will my estate sale be in another 30 or 40 years!?!?


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