Stroller’s HERE!!

Jeep stroller
Baby Alice’s stroller came today! The baby has her first Jeep!! It’s beautiful!! It’s a solid stroller. Heavy wheels. Steers like a dream, it’s quiet……… it’s actually nicer than my first car!!  HOLY MOLY!!
Strollers have come a long way since my kids were babies.
Baby in a stroller
The Jeep Overlander stroller went together like a breeze. (I can say that honestly because DH put it together!) It took less than a half hour to assemble.  This thing is awesome!! iPod hookup with a speaker so Baby Alice can hear it too. There’s a pedometer. A tray has 2 cup holders, and a covered box for your keys and some money. This is one snazzy stroller!  Fully adjustable seat and with a 4 point harness for Alice.  Tons of storage underneath. A mesh bag to hold bottles, diapers and wetwipes, so you don’t have to bend over to dig in the storage under the seat.
Baby Alice was wide eyed and ooo’ing.  Alice highly recommends this stroller. She can’t wait to go on our first walk!! Doesn’t she look happy in her new stroller??!
Thank you GG!!  We love it!!!!!!!! Ohhhhh look at that FACE!!!!  Man she is soooo cute!!!!!!


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