Stupid Texter!!

Spell check?? Yea, spell check is not my friend when I’m texting or writing I end out with words I don’t mean to send! NOW I have to READ own emails for extra sentences!!! before I hit send!  UGH!! I am NOT an idiot stupid dingba never mind I am smarter than I sound honest!!!  Case in point….. I exchanged the nicest emails with Ferne over at The Purple Baby Brigade today only to go back and read MY email…… ummmm hummmm okay, so here is what I sent “But the guy in Nigeria is really going to I subscribe via emailme a million dollars right??!?! ; )”   WAIT… WHAT does that SAY!?  WHY.. wait… WHAT?!?!  Ohhhhhhhh Ummmm hummm okay so here is how me no talk right……. try and keep up.

I found this WONDERFUL tool called LifeHacker Texter this is the greatest tool if you like to enter giveaways. (We’ve already established it’s my favorite thing to do!!) Here is how Texter works….. Say for instance the giveaway asks me to add my email to the comment box. I type in the code I ear mark for email and Texter will take care of the rest! Here is my example…..
Extra entry if you follow by Google Friend Connect.  So I have Texter running in the background and I type: gfc and Texter types out: I’m a google friend connect follower

HOW cool is that!!!!!!!!  So if I type “mail” I get: I subscribe via email
Ummmm hummmm now it’s not only STUPID spell check! It’s stupid Texter too!!! You have to be VERY CAREFUL to read your email before you hit send!! 
See the look on Eli’s face?? THAT’s the look I’m giving Texter right NOW!!!


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