Summer Family Fun! Review and Sweepstakes!

Sweepstakes is OVER
Freddy FrogFace movie

Smitty movie

What do you do when it’s TOO HOT to go outside??  Oh let’s see you go to the theater and spend a fortune between the tickets $$$, popcorn$$$ (I CAN NOT see a movie without my popcorn!) soda $$$. OR!!!
REDBOX to the rescue!!!!!

Redbox is throwing a Summer Family Fun program!  Complete with family-friendly DVD’s and amazing sweepstakes opportunities!

The sweepstakes prizes include: 

*A four day West Coast Princess Cruise for four with round trip airfare (Open July 9 to July 29)

*A seven day vacation for four to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (Open July 30 to August 26)

You can enter by selecting one of the “Family Fun” movies at any Redbox location.  Enter your email address and you are automatically entered.

You can also enter without renting a video by going to

Redbox kiosks are everywhere!  To find one close to you: Redbox Locations

Click on a movie to read the description and see a short trailer.

In August three more movies will be available including:

My Friend Bernard

Rock Stars

I <3 Shakey

We enjoyed watching all of these movies! Several of the movies include downloadable Activity Kits for even more fun!

Why not have a total indoor day of fun!!  Build an indoor fort with a couple of chairs….. pop up the popcorn and watch a couple of super cute movies!?!?  All for under the cost of one movie ticket!!!

We tried to build a tower of cards…… but, mostly we played 52 pick-up.  Which surprisingly made the kids very happy!! (hummm why isn’t that true for cleaning up their toys??)

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