Sunday Prayer Group Post Your Needs, Even Unspoken

This is the 3nd week of the Sunday Prayer Requests. I am co-hosting with my friend Sonya over at Sonya’s Happenings. I hope you will go over and see Sonya’s site! She’s a sweetheart! Trust me Sonya has a great sense of humor and A TON of Giveaways as well!!! She’s got it goin’on over there!!!
Prayer Sunday
I’m not a real religious person. I was raised Catholic. However, I haven’t been to church in years. I do believe in the higher power of God. I do say my prayers at night. I do believe in the power of prayer. I don’t think prayers need to be formal I think you can just TALK to God. I really don’t think there is a wrong way to pray.
Sending good thoughts out into the universe for someone that is in pain, sad or just needs some peace in the life.

So many of us Peanuts could use a prayer said for them. Anytime you need it just stop by and request a prayer to be said in your name. You don’t have to say why. A simple “I could use some good thoughts this week” would be fine. If you want to elaborate feel free.

In return when you are talking to YOUR Higher Power mention which of the Peanuts that are in need. In this day and age, financial problems, health problems, loneliness, sadness are all around us. Maybe our little prayer group can make a difference. We won’t know until we try.

I’m going to re-post this on Sunday’s. Anytime during the week you want to come and post feel free.

I’d like a prayer for my kids. They seem to be fighting, not talking and it HURTS my heart! Since they are 40 and 43 I can’t ground them till the get along. Being out of state doesn’t help. I need a higher power to help. So, please pray for Selena and Zachary that they get past this and get back to being best friends.

Now your turn……

Don’t forget to check the comments please. Say quick prayer for each request. Come back anytime!

Be sure to head over to Sonya’s Happenings

Have a WONDERFUL week!!!!!!!


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