Sunday’s Giveaway Round-up

Okay here is what I’m entering this week………… I am drooling over this Mohawk Rug.  HOW beautiful is that rug???
This giveaway is over at Planet Weidknech

I want this RUG!!!

Next is the Britax B-Ready stroller!!  Ever since we bought THREE yes you got it 3 Britax carseats (One for mom’s car, one for dad’s car and one for Na’na’s car) we have been SOLD on Britax.  So it’s only natural we MUST add a stroller!!

This Britax B-Ready giveaway is over at A Year With Mom and Dad

I am still drooling over the bounce house giveaway from Bounce Houses Now!!  Head over to Two of A Kind Working on a Full House to enter that one.

Wouldn’t I be the best Na’na in the world if I had this?!?!?!? The answer to that is YES, yes I would!!

Yes, Na’na is all about keeping the grandbabies in the back yard and in the water!!  The giveaway for this Backyard Ocean pool is over at Mommy and Me Giveaways

I would list more but Emma and Eli wore me OUT today!!!  Where those two get all their energy is beyond me!!!  It would be sooooo awesome if they could share that energy…… just a LITTLE?!?!?!?

Have a great week all!!!!!!!!

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