Syllable A6 Wireless Necklace Bluetooth Headphone

I have a LOIMG_3801T of earphones, headsets and ear pieces but this one from Syllable has some major WOW factors!!  The A6 Wireless Necklace Bluetooth Earphone neckband is sleek black and so extremely lightweight you’ll forget you have it on!!

Starting with the box these arrived in I was impressed. Truly, the box is sleek looking and the perfect size to stick in a Christmas stocking.

This neckband style of earbuds is unique. There is a magnet in the clasp that holds the earbuds on your neck. Inside one side of the magnetic clasp is the charging port. So smart!!

The ergonomically shaped earbuds themselves are soft silicone and are seriously comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also stay in my ears!!

The headset looks like a necklace a very sleek black and red necklace.

Pairing with my Samsung Galaxy S4 was super easy. Hold down the red button on the pendant until the LED flashes red and blue. A6 popped up immediately. I was able to pair the A6 with an iPhone, iPad and Galaxy phone all with no problems at all.

I am very pleased with the sound quality.  The music is clean, clear and crisp. The earbuds block out a large portion of  background noise.

Ahhh but the best part?? I can answer my phone with this headset. I’ve taken several phone calls using this A6 from Syllable and each person said I sounded clear as a bell.

The neckband is a good size too. Around your neck is 11″ on either side and 10″ from the earbuds to the clasp.

The pendant is where the controls are located.  Clicking the button powers the device on-off,  two clicks controls volume up and down as well as track shuffle.  The best part is that clicking any of the three buttons answers a phone call.  To hang up the call simply press any button.

The Syllable A6 arrives with a USB to mini-USB charge cord. I truly love where the USB plug-in is located; in the magnetic clasp. Charging my A6 only took a little over 1.5 hours and I was able to listen to 3.5 hours of music on one charge.


Not a single one. This Necklace Bluetooth Earphones is super lightweight. Very comfortable to wear. Great sound quality too. I couldn’t ask for better!!




    Am I the only person in the western world who admits to not having a clue when it comes to Bluetooth. I mean, what’s it all about really? And what’s the ‘Blue’ bit all about? And do I need it? If I want music in my ears I just sing (aloud or otherwise)! Welcome to my world Connie!!!

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