• Ripley's Believe it or not

    May 2nd Photo-A-Day B BIONS 100 Best Believe It Or Not Stories #Giveaway #ripleys

    I am going to combine a review, photo-a-day and giveaway all in one post. Yes, it is a lazy day for me. So I give you B as BOOK. Everyone loves a new book right?? Add the fact that it’s a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not AND a Giveaway too?? It’s a win win. One of my favorite series of books are the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Books. This particular is called 100 Best BIONs, it debuted on the 100th day of this year, which if you counted was April 10! (Yes, you can go count if you want too. I’ll wait) Ripley’s recently celebrated their 100th anniversary and…

  • June Giveaway logo

    June 2017 $50 Your Way #Giveaway!!

    Okay, here is June’s update. First, the cold. Holy Moly! We got rid of the cold only to be hit with STREP a week later. Yup, disease free for all of a week. So, June will be better. It has to be!! To start the month off on the right foot today (June, 1st) my Granddaughter Lil’ Miss Alice turns 6. Can you believe it? She is growing like a weed and now she is SIX! I am truly blessed to be able to spend my days with her. She is SO MUCH FUN!!! Not much else for updates; truly being sick for two months not only put me behind,…

  • Oddball DVD Giveaway!!

    Oddball is based on the true story of an eccentric chicken farmer, who with the help of his granddaughter, trains his mischievous dog Oddball to protect a penguin sanctuary from fox attacks in an attempt to reunite his family and save their seaside town.   Check out Oddball on IMDb The Oddball movie came out on DVD on February 7th and one lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win their own copy. Good Luck!! Entry-Form

  • Back-To-School With Verilux! Desk Lamp Giveaway!!

    If you’ve been around my blog for a while you know that I adore Verilux Products. Today’s review and GIVEAWAY product may just be my favorite Verilux product yet!! Check out the SmartLight Productivity Lamp! Did you know that Verilux offers a patented Natural Spectrum® Daylight, a type of full spectrum lighting that replicates key wavelengths of natural daylight. This is a perfect addition to your back-to-school shopping! Students not only read faster with greater comprehension, the can study longer without eyestrain, which improves productivity and focus!! Research shows: Use of Verilux Natural Spectrum lighting, in a school setting, increased visual acuity (clarity and sharpness of letters) for over 88%…