May 2nd Photo-A-Day B BIONS 100 Best Believe It Or Not Stories #Giveaway #ripleys

I am going to combine a review, photo-a-day and giveaway all in one post. Yes, it is a lazy day for me. So I give you B as BOOK. Everyone loves a new book right?? Add the fact that it’s a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not AND a Giveaway too?? It’s a win win. One of my favorite series of books are the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Books. This particular is called 100 Best BIONs, it debuted on the 100th day of this year, which if you counted was April 10! (Yes, you can go count if you want too. I’ll wait) Ripley’s recently celebrated their 100th anniversary and to commemorate, they have published a brand new compilation of 100 best Believe It or Not! stories from our 100 years of collecting amazing tales and exhibits from around the world. This book is divided into easy-to-find sections like People, Animals, and World, 100 Best BIONS also includes an Exhibits chapter which features some of the most remarkable artifacts on display at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditoriums. This book has colorful images that accompany the detailed accounts of how each piece was acquired by Ripley’s, including fruitful fertility statues, Mars meteorites, genuine vampire killing kits, the world’s longest fingernails, and even a piece of cake from the Royal wedding of Charles and Diana! One of my favorites stories include; #40 A wax figure of Elmer McCurdy, a train robber killed in 1911 in a gunfight, wasn’t really a wax figure at all!! Skip to 1976. While filming an episode of The Six Million Dollar Man in the Pike Amusement Park one of the crew members bumped the wax figure his arm broke off and when they tried to reattach it found it has a REAL BONE!! Elmer wasn’t a prop. Elmer was a real human body. Elmer was returned to Oklahoma and given a proper burial in 1977. 66 years after his death. ball gown prom dressRipley’s is just FUN! The stories just make you laugh out loud. Some make me shake my head with eyes wide! Like Phineas Gage had a CROWBAR a 4 foot long 14 pound crowbar go through his HEAD!! AND LIVED!! Seriously?!?! The folks at Ripley have generously offered a copy of Ripley’s 100 BIONS Best Believe It Or Not Stories to one lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower. Then we can compare HOLY MOLY stories!! Follow Ripleys.comFacebookTwitterInstagramSnapchat




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