Terracotta Cascade Solar Fountain GIVEAWAY!!!

I have the PERFECT way for you to start out 2014!!! Relaxing with your very own Terracotta Cascade Solar Fountain!!!  I would love to have this in my yard to relax by! This solar fountain brings life to your outdoor living spaces.  The hand crafted Terracotta solar fountain can be used anywhere outdoors without any electricity as it uses the natural sunlight to pump the water through the cascading bowls.  The 6 volt solar pump in the bottom basin continuously circulates the water up to the top pitcher, where the water cascades down the levels into the pool of water in the basin, making soothing water sounds.  It looks spectacular accented with plants and greenery around it so it is perfect as a center point in your gardens.
Win this terracotta_cascade_fountain!!!

This fountain includes everything you need, is self contained and needs no installation. No need for any tools or any kind of installation. NOTE: The panel does not store power. It works only from direct sunlight and bright outdoor light.

One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will be relaxing with this amazing fountain!! GOOD LUCK!!!!


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