Thanks Zac

The days of watching Disney cartoons with my kids are long gone. So, when my 30 year old son for instance says “Mom, you wanna see something hilarious?!?!” it usually means watching something that will make me cringe. Tonight was video clips from Tosh.0. For Zac, sharing the most disturbing video’s is the best part of ‘sharing’ it with me. One in particular is sooooooo beyond disturbing.  I’m telling you right now… DO NOT WATCH Guess What Happens Next – 2 Girls, 1 Cyst. THAT’s the video Zac laughing left me watching as he left to go home. DO NOT!!!  You’ll doing the all over body shudder FOR HOURS AFTER WARDS!!!!!!!!!!! I’m telling you DO NOT WATCH this!!!  Thanks Zac!! UGHhhhhhhh (insert all over body shudder AGAIN!!!) OHMYGOD ZACAAAAHARY!!  Now you’ll have to excuse me… ughhhhhhhhh This one though I thought was AWESOME enough to share!!! Selena!! Get your video camera out!! I would love to catch BabyT in her last 23 days of captivity!

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