The B-Team! How To Work As A Tight Unit Throughout Your Pregnancy!

It’s not just the fact that you are changing your life in every single way but the fact that you are expecting a little one means that you and your partner have to change your tactics. Part of the reason a baby is such a big shock to the system is because it’s about changing your life, your priorities, and for the most part, your attitudes to things. It becomes such a change from your comfort zone that you find a whole new set of circumstances that becomes the new normal. But it’s during the pregnancy that you start to realize one of the most important relationships you will ever have, especially during these difficult times is with your partner. It’s important that you and your partner work as a team. But what are the ways for you to actually do this to great effect?

Make The Big Decisions Together

The most important thing for couples to understand throughout the pregnancy is that you should both have equal footing in the decision-making. Naturally, you both want to do the best for your child. This means that there’s going to be plenty of big decisions that you will both have to make. And one of the worst problems in relationships is that lack of communication, especially over the big decisions. Think about what you need to decide on together and work through it. It could be where you give birth or it could be the color of the nursery room wall. Whatever the decision, it’s important to sit down and go through these things together. With numerous guides online like 10 Adorable Baby Girl Nursery Ideas For Your New Little One you can both sit down and discuss everything, making sure that both sides are happy. A lot of the time one person may decide to keep their mouth shut for the sake of equilibrium. While this may happen on occasion you’ve got to be sure that if you decide to keep your mouth shut because the other person wants a specific color or certain type of crib, that these little decisions may not affect the outcome.

Plan And Prepare As Much As You Can

While it sounds like common sense preparing for the birth isn’t just about making sure you know everything in advance but it’s also about navigating those first few months. Many first-time parents can tell you what it’s like during the first six months but so many of us don’t necessarily listen to the advice because we think we will plow our own path. In terms of parenting advice, it’s important to listen to your own gut instincts but in terms of the practicalities, it’s a good idea to truly get an opinion of what those first 6 months will be like. A very good example of something to prepare for would be mealtimes. When you are lacking in sleep, the temptation can be to snack on unhealthy quick snacks. This means that once you get into these habits it becomes very difficult to break out of. So instead you can prepare for these eventualities by batch cooking meals. It may very well be part of the nesting process for you but when you start to think about preparing for the baby you’ve got to remember the first six months where you’re not going to sleep and this means your decision-making skills could be compromised but even something as simple as making a meal can seem like the hardest task. It’s not something that people can empathize with until they’ve been through it but if you can prepare for a lack of sleep by having a good diet in place as well as making things a bit easier for you, this will bode well.

Know When You’ve Hit The Wall

One of the things we all struggle with is admitting when we can’t go any further. For so many of us, it feels like we’ve got to push through because other people have struggles. But it’s not just about pushing through for the sake of it; we have to remember that when we can’t go any further we’ve got to admit to ourselves that we need some help. This means that when we’ve struggled throughout the pregnancy with a lack of sleep it can make us worry so much about what is to come. But you must remember that there are people around to help you. As well as this, think about the importance of taking a break when it’s all too much. Sometimes, taking a vacation, even if it’s a quick weekend somewhere, gives you the opportunity to look at everything from a whole new perspective. Because when we are pushing through so much, especially during pregnancy and we’re feeling sick, it can seem like it’s never-ending. Remember that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. 

Understand The Importance Of Sharing

Yes, it sounds obvious but as couples, we can feel that we’ve got to keep things to ourselves on occasion. This is not the time to do so. And from your perspective when there’s a baby on the way, you’ve got to remember that if you don’t feel right, you’ve got to ask for help. But with couples, what can happen throughout pregnancy is that the partner who is not going through the pregnancy can tend to hold back or lash out in other ways. This isn’t helpful nor productive. Rather than letting everything build up, it’s better to talk and make time to vent your frustrations together so you can have a blowout but also start again. In many ways, it is the perfect opportunity for you both to start again. With a baby on the way, you will have to relearn aspects of a relationship. No relationship is perfect but because communication and compromise are so important this can be the right opportunity to begin again. Learning to share your frustrations with each other can help you to understand each other all over again but also strengthening your relationship for the sake of this little baby who is more important than the both of you combined.

A pregnancy can be fraught with anxieties. You may have to go to the hospital so much because of various scares along the way but the most important thing to remember, as a couple, is that you can weather these storms together. In many ways, this is the time for you to learn about each other. But you have to remember that for the sake of your child you’ve got to learn to work together. You may feel like you’re already a good team but because of various hospital visits or pregnancy hormones, everything can result in such a tense environment. It’s a lot to do with teamwork, but it’s also about realizing that when this baby comes along your life will change forever. Everybody knows this but it doesn’t hit home until it actually happens. So the most important thing for you to do before the baby comes along is to learn to work together as a team. Many couples don’t work together and only feel that they have to when it’s really necessary. But this is one of those essential situations. You begin to discover new things about each other because of this pressurized situation. And arguably, having a baby is one of the most stressful things you can go through, but it’s one of the most rewarding. So when the baby comes along and you feel this wave of happiness like you’ve never felt before, remember the importance of working together as a unit.



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