The Best Outfits for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love; it is the time each year when couples take a pause from the daily stresses or hardships of their lives and refuse to take one another for granted. It’s a reminder that love and partnership is one of the core foundations to our lives and that we must value it and show gratitude. Even school age children exchange Valentine’s Day cards with classmates as a symbol of friendship and appreciation. However, along with all the wonderful things that the holiday represents,

Valentine’s Day is one of the most stressful occasions of the year. We’ve all come down from our Christmas and New Year’s high, and it’s the first major holiday to smack us in the face at what is still the beginning of 2015. Singles see it as a day for sadness, a way to be made to feel alone, and couples see it as an excuse to dress up, go out for date night, and spice LBDthings up along the way. For women in relationships or going out on a date for Valentine’s Day, the main source of stress comes from what to wear. In new date or relationship situations, you want to present yourself as fun, sexy, and stylish, but even if you’ve been in a long-term relationship or even married for many years, women still want to feel that way too. Here is a breakdown of some ideas to dress to kill this Valentine’s Day.


When it comes to clothing, we spend every day in tank tops, t-shirts and jeans; make Valentine’s the special occasion to splurge on a new dress that represents your  personal style. A little black dress is always a flattering go-to for any body type; look at affordable retailers like Express who offer great party style dresses with exciting details like lace or embellishments to add to the special occasion. If the LBD isn’t on your agenda, be colorful in flirty red, pink, or patterned a-line dresses that provide a little twirling action if you hit the dance floor. Remember, that when it comes to dressing your own body, confidence is key. If you feel good in what you’re wearing then you will look beautiful to your date, so don’t wear something “dressy” just because you think it’s necessary. Remember when ballet flats became trendy and all the women of the world rejoiced with a collective sigh of relief? Well, Valentine’s Day isn’t the day for your usual footwear. Spice things up by elongating your legs in a hot pair of heels. A red pair of classic pumps with a black dress will surely impress anyone whose path you cross. Basic clothes and shoes are covered, but what about the rest of you? Put on some dangly earrings, pull out the false eyelashes, and adorn your nails with some heart patterned nail art. Valentine’s Day is meant to be fun and light, and so you should celebrate by sparking up your style game for the day.


A Victoria Secret purchase is in the cards for Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s satin lingerie that you know will be seen, or a sexy lace bra you have no intention of showing anyone, but will make you feel sensual and confident, intimate apparel is the epitome of what Valentine’s Day represents: a day to celebrate love, sexiness, and feeling good with your partner. If you’re shopping on a budget for some great picks for this Valentine’s Day, check out online voucher site for discounts at major retailers mentioned in this article and more.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I cannot even remember the last time I dressed up for a Valentine’s Day, lol. I wish I would look like that, though.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I bet half the female world will be wearing the little black dress! Maybe, since it is Valentine’s Day, some will go with a little red dress.

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