The Boys

My kids are both in the same state school and I feel like my husband and I are throwing away thousands of dollars a month just on rent for them. We’ve been talking about getting a house for them to live in together and they obviously think it’s the best idea ever but I sure wish we could find something I knew they weren’t going to tear apart! I know they both like to party and I’m worried they’ll turn it into a 24/7 party house but I guess this is the point where I have to learn to trust them. We’ve been looking into alarms for the place since it will be just the two of them and my husband wants to talk to them about getting a once-weekly cleaning service but I think that should be something they pay for themselves since they’ll be the ones messing it up. I love my boys and I hope they enjoy college to the fullest but I know that shouldn’t be too hard for boys like them!

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