The Ghosts Go Scaring An Early Reader Book

I have great respect for teachers! HOLY MOLY kids are … ummm… use tact here Connie…. they are a UNIQUE breed. There. That will work. 5-year-olds want to do what they WANT to do and only WHEN they wascreamingnt to do it. So having a room full of them? No THANK YOU!! It makes me wonder how Mrs. Dow and Mrs. Bentley don’t come out of the kindergarten class room looking like this:

Instead they come out all calm, sweet and full of smiles. Amazing! Cause this WOULD be me!!

Even with all those little bodies teachers manage to kids math, reading, manners, art and so much more!!  One of the things that I am very pleased with is reading. Yes, Alice and I had been learning to read and learning sight words and such, but now?  HOLY MOLY!! Each week the kids ghostsbring home a small reading book. These are Xeroxed copies of short books with very repetitive wording. This is a brilliant strategy because it reinforces the sight words.

When The Ghosts Go Scaring arrived I was giddy!! This book is repetitive page after page and FILLED with Alice’s sight words!! She was able to read me this entire book with very little help!!!!!!

Check it out!! I finally did it! I finally sat down with 5-year-old Alice and had her read a book so I could show y’all how well she reads!

This is an absolutely adorable book written by Chrissy Bozik and illustrated by Patricia Storms. I promise by the beginning of page two you will singing this book. The words are written or spoken to the tune of The Ants Go Marching.  Alice loves it when the NaNa sings, although I have NO idea why! (if you heard me you would wonder why as well!)

On each page the ghosts multiply going up to the number ten. The adorable ghosts are dressed for Trick or Treating on Halloween. Each ghost has a special gift for silliness and laughter.

There is nothing scary in this book. The pictures are absolutely adorable, fun and friendly. The ghosts are just as cute as can be.

The Ghosts Go Scaring is perfect for preschoolers to 2nd graders.

You can find The Ghosts Go Scaring on Sky Pony PressAmazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores.

Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: Chrissy Bozik
Illustrator: Patricia Storms
Publication Date: 9-6-2016
Number of Pages: 24 Pages
Book Type: Hardcover
Size: 8″ by 10″

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