The Mighty MolarMan Review & GIVEAWAY!!

Mighty MolarMan is the key to getting your kids to brush their teeth! Brushing teeth just got a little bit easier. Added bonus Mighty MolarMan raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network.

So, what is Mighty MolarMan? Well he is a friend and helper of the Tooth Fairy! He wants to make sure you have nice clean, white teeth;because everyone knows that the Tooth Fairy LOVES pearly whites! This box set is so cute, including the MIGHTY MolarMan, a superhero tooth dressed in his cape. Also included is a story book.

Mighty MolarMan plush toy comes in a box set along with a plush toy of MolarMan himself. The Mighty MolarMan plush toy gets placed on the bathroom mirror as a fun reminder to brush. The suction cup is included.

10% of each sale of the “Molar in the Mirror” Box set will go to Children’s Miracle Network through May 31, 2015.

I’ve been really impressed with my daughter Selena, from the first tooth that Alice had she’s been brushing her teeth.  Now it’s pretty much a routine. HOWEVER! Alice is still only 3 years old so sometimes it’s a struggle to get those teeth brushed. With Mighty MolarMan fixed on the mirror it’s a great reminder.

The story book is cute explaining about healthy brushing habits, staying away from to much sugar and so on. Cute story!! The names of the characters in Molar In The Mirror crack me UP!! You have MolarMan’s enemies Bacteria Boy and Hallie Tosis.

Mighty MolarMan is recommended for kids ages 3-9, but really? It’s never too early to start good dental habits!


April 1, 2015 – May 31, 2015 is donating 10% of each Molar in the Mirror Box Set sale to Children’s Miracle Network; trying to raise as much money as possible for the Children’s Miracle Network during this two month time period.

The Mighty MolarMan folks are also holding a dance competition called The Shake Your MolarMaker.  The contest will run through May 31, 2015. To enter head over to Shake Your Molar Maker.

  • Make a short video of yourself, friends, family, or co-workers dancing to “The Mighty MolarMan Song”
  • Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram to enter the contest
  • Vote for your favorite MolarMoves
  • The contest is a Challenge and the winner, as selected by popular vote, will have $500 donated in their name to Children’s Miracle Network.

EVEN MORE! is also holding an auction from April 17 – May 25, 2015 where Mighty MolarMan paintings created by Naomi Romero and a second painting from Edward Taylor will be auctioned off. will be giving 100% of the auction proceeds to Children’s Miracle Network.

The Molar in the Mirror children’s book was written by Dr. John Bond, both a dentist and a Dad.
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GIVEAWAY TIME!! One lucky person will win a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Good Luck!!

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