The Most Worthless Vehicle Modifications

While many people view cars as a way to get from one place to another, a select group of individuals feels like their vehicles are pieces of art. If you want to pimp your ride, you may want to review the most worthless vehicle modifications to ensure you’re not throwing your hard-earned money directly down the drain.

All of the Lights

Several vehicle owners install undercarriage neon lights thanks to the countless Fast and Furious movies and a desire to seem cool in high school. After figuring out how pointless these lights truly are, what may seem cool for 15 minutes will quickly lose its luster.

These lights offer a soft glow that only makes the vehicle more noticeable to law enforcement during a night patrol. There are much better things to do with your money than to add these dim lights that only serve cosmetic purposes.

Kits Do Not Do a Body Good

Body kits aren’t worthless. However, they are a waste for pedestrian vehicles. Body kits have a place in the competitive racing industry to make cars lighter and faster. Meanwhile, your Honda Civic will feel the same with or without a body kit, despite what someone is trying to sell you.

Most folks that go all out on a car body makeover spend just as much, if not more, on repairs when their vehicle shreds itself apart after grazing the ground.

Stop Rollin’

The wheels of a ride can be a drain on a bank account, leaving nothing to show other than egregious tires and rims. Unless you’re going to participate in a monster truck rally, there’s zero net gain with excessively large wheels.

If anything, large wheels further ruin the aesthetic of your vehicle because they expose all the flaws underneath the vehicle’s body.

Spoiler Alert: It’s Meaningless

“No spoilers, please,” is a phrase you often see on social media regarding an anticipated movie or TV show. But that saying should transfer to the car community because spoilers on the rear of your vehicle have little to no purpose.

Theoretically, a spoiler reduces the angle at which air flows past the vehicle’s rear windshield. In theory, a spoiler should reduce wind resistance and improve the car’s fuel economy. Unfortunately, this mod’s benefits are as inconclusive as fuel additives are. So, rather than getting more miles per gallon, the vehicle just sticks out like a sore thumb.

Sticker Shock

Putting stickers on a car that proclaim it to be a certain model or have certain credentials is the biggest try-hard move. Most of the time, car aficionados can spot the differences and will call someone out on their lies. Nevertheless, don’t pull a Joey Tribbiani and drape yourself in Porsche apparel when you don’t drive a Porsche.

No car owner will regret avoiding the most pointless vehicle modifications. Fixing problems on a vehicle is enough of a financial burden, so there’s no point in creating a bigger dent in your account with questionable changes.


  • Peggy Nunn

    I have seen cars that had tires and wheels that cost more than the car was worth. My husband says the thin wheels do not have a smooth ride.

  • gloria patterson

    I guess it shows my age but at least 20 years ago I asked my niece wHY here tires/hubcaps were like they were………….. they were pretty. OH ok a 40 yr old woman needs pretty tires/hubcaps.

    Never understood the jacking up the trucks, or doing stuff to the muffler.

    The only thing I would be willing to do to my car is put those magantic signs for companies on the doors…………………. of course they would have to pay me a lot of money LOL

  • Tamra Phelps

    I recently saw a car with A LOT of decals, lol. I mean a bumper sticker proclaiming a love of penis is not going to helps sell a car, lol.

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