THE Perfect Father’s Day Gift Idea!

It’s almost June, which means Father’s Day is right around the corner.  This year I found them! I found the and I do mean THE perfect gift idea’s for The Husband.

Awesome Gifts Company offers unique and intriguing gifts to help me WIN the occasion.
Seriously, I hate giving a gift that is unwanted. A gift that gets stuffed into the back of the closet. 
Check this OUT!!! A bouquet….. ohhhh not flowers, not fruit. MEAT!!!  A MEAT BOUQUET!! Awesome Gifts Bouquets I mean helllllllllo MEAT CANDY!! (well, there went that surprise! The Husband just leaned over my shoulder and said “Are you getting that for ME!?”) See??? MAN – CANDY!! 

Second idea is photo on canvas. I found one of the last pictures of Gracie along with MY favorite girl Alice. These two goof balls under the garage door. It’s such a funny picture that it just makes me laugh each time I see it. So why not see it all the time?!?!

Aren’t those the cutest faces EVER!?!?

This pictures screams to me CANVAS TIME!!!! As in Canvas On The Cheap

Y’all know me and my obsession for decorating with photographs! I can’t help it! I love seeing my family, friends, deer, total and complete strangers, moose and the occasional sunset around me, all of the time. Let’s just say it’s a good thing that I have a new house to decorate! With tons and tons of wall space. (YEAH for me!! Sad for The Husband (who just painted every single room) who cringes when he see’s me with a hammer and my pouch of nails. (BUT, honey! It’s MY BLISS!!) The canvas from Canvas On The Cheap is stunning. It’s perfect!! The picture is clear and clean.

The Husband’s two favorite girls!

The canvas is arrived well packaged without a single flaw.  Not to mention it arrived very quick too!

Canvas On The Cheap also gives you the option to frame your canvas.

Canvas depths are available in .75″ or 1.50″

It’s the first picture that The Husband added to his office wall; with a wide grin he announced “my two favorite girls” (yeah…. we will be discussing THAT statement in the near future!!)


Are ya kidding? Did you see those faces?? This is a wonderful canvas. I couldn’t be happier!


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