The Reservoir -Emergency Water Storage System

Are you ready for a natural disaster? I live in Southern California and believe me I am always thinking about the next big earthquake. I HATE earthquakes. The earth literally MOVES and you have no control while everything is moving under you. It seems to last forEVER, in reality only a few minutes. BUT man those are some scary minutes!! We are prepared. We have food, a lot of dry goods packed in rubbermaid containers. We have propane, so we can cook. We have a generator for power. But really I hadn’t thought of water. Sure we have bottled water that we stock up every Costco trip. BUT water on hand RIGHT NOW?  Only what is in the fridge. I AM BEYOND thrilled that we have just added The Reservoir – Emergency Water Storage System to our kit.  This is the SMARTEST thing I’ve added to our emergency kit yet!!

The Reservoir meets FDA standards and fits any standard bathtub.  Assembles QUICKLY!!  Lay The Reservoir bladder flat in the tub. Attach the fill sock on The Reservoir bladder and slide the other end over the bath tub faucet.  The Reservoir holds a hundred gallons of water!!  To dispense all you have to do is thread the siphon pump and insert the fill tube which will fit any jug or pitcher. Give the bulb a few squeezes to get it started and the water will flow automatically until you open the vent cap. Emergency management authorities recommend having on hand at least 3 days’ worth of drinking water, allowing at least 1 gallon per person/pet per day. The Reservoir gives you the capacity to meet these minimums, with plenty left over for cooking, washing and flushing. Yes, you could just fill your bathtub with water. But, first, my tub? NO NO NO!! I’m not drinking out of that tub!! Second the tub is open, which leaves the water exposed to dust, dirt and debris. The Reservoir insulates water from those contaminants with heavy-duty, food-grade plastic that meets FDA safety standards. SMARTEST-INVENTION-EVER for emergencies!!  Seriously!! ADD The Reservoir to your list and pick it up today!! Disasters happen sometimes with no warning at all!! BE PREPARED!!! I know I have better things to do after a disaster than to stand in line for water!! What about you?? What do you have in your emergency kit?  Anything special that most people don’t think about?? My big tip besides The Reservoir is contact lens cleaner! I want to see!!  (I think!) FEMA I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  • ANN*H

    Thanks for all the great information. I think with today weather problems we need to be prepared for disasters. I usually put empty gallon jugs of water in the freezer for that. Water is something that we need for other things not just for drinking. I have never heard of this Reservoir before . it is interesting tho – but what about if you need to lay in your tub with a matteress over you to protect yourself – then we might have a problem if the water is in the tub

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