I use to laugh at people that lost their keys. That was until Alice!! Alice doesn’t want NaNa to go anywhere and well, my keys just magically disappear! That’s Karma for you!!  I promise I will never mock those people again!!

I have the ANSWER!!! StickR TrackR is an app and coin sized device that helps users keep track of all their important items. When you’re running out the door and can’t find your keys, the app will guide you to the their location and with the touch of your finger, you can ring for your keys and be on your way.


I’m most excited about this next feature!! TrackR’s newest and most revolutionary features is Crowd Source Tracking. If you lose your keys, the attached StickR TrackR will begin emitting a unique ID to alert the entire TrackR community to begin searching for your lost item. If another TrackR user is within range of the lost keys, their app will automatically and anonymously detect the ID, update our server, which will then send you the updated GPS coordinates.

This feature has potential to dramatically reduce the cost of GPS tracking and bring GPS tracking of every item into the mainstream, however we must obtain many users for the technology to work effectively.  In an effort to grow our crowd source tracking network, we’re giving away over $100,000 in StickR TrackR devices.

You know I’ll be entering this one!! $100,000 giveaway of StickR TrackR devices!! Enter here!! Good Luck!!!  Please come back and let me know if you win!!

By the way…….. to my dear, sweet, Alice “HA!! Nonnie wins again!!”



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