Things No One Tells You About the First Weeks of Parenthood

Since so many people say, “You’re going to love it,” and “Isn’t it the best,” an upcoming parent will feel like the newborn phase is a piece of cake. But there are things no one tells you about the first weeks of parenthood that may wrench your euphoric joy of cuddling with your newborn.

Bittersweet Symphony

Giving birth is one of the most priceless and rewarding experiences someone can endure. However, the honeymoon period quickly turns into the realization that you must spend every waking hour caring for your new bundle of joy. That thought can be rather bittersweet.

Furthermore, your little one was a part of you for the better part of nine months, so them no longer growing inside you could take a large emotional toll. Surely, these are just a few small bumps on the road to sunshine and rainbows for the rest of your journey together.

So Many Questions, Not Enough Answers

You will never realize how many questions you’ll have until your newborn arrives. You will have an internet search history longer than two CVS receipts taped together. Every little thing that pops into your mind will require a quick search that could lead you down a rabbit hole, eventually leading to more unanswered questions. Whether it’s about napping, feeding, crying, or pooping, you will question if anything is normal. The good news is that it likely is, but that won’t stop the Googling.

Everybody Poops

Since we mentioned that Googling about poop would be a thing, we might as well stop that search here. It may amaze you how many times a newborn poops throughout the day. What makes matters even more frustrating is newborns couldn’t care less what time it is when they go number two. Those dark, 2:00 a.m. changings will test your patience. Also, some seem to gloss over the fact that your baby’s stool samples will be dark and tar-like in the first few weeks, which can throw you for a loop.

Hungry Like a Wolf

Breastfeeding takes a toll on the body. But somehow, people don’t mention that breastfeeding will make you want to eat everything.

Breastfeeding burns many calories, considering life is figuratively—and literally—getting sucked out of you. With this, your body will crave nourishment to replenish your lost calories. There will no longer be set mealtimes for you to eat since you’ll turn into a scavenger.

Goodbye, Clean House

If you pride yourself on having a pristine home with everything looking perfect, you can kiss those days goodbye. The interior of your home will likely look like a natural disaster ran through it on most days. This happens for two reasons: 1) you have many more things with a newborn, and 2) you don’t have the energy to clean things promptly.

As they approach toddlerhood and become more interactive, the cleanliness of your home will likely worsen, as you’ll have toys everywhere. You’ll start to wonder how to keep their playroom organized and clean. You might as well throw up the white flag and accept your fate now. Wait until they can understand the concept of cleaning up by themselves, and they can be experts at decluttering their playroom.

There may be some harsh truths regarding what no one tells you about the first weeks of parenthood, but it’s important to know how you’ll feel, what you can expect from your baby, and what life will look like in the months ahead. One thing is certain, though: it will all be worth it in the end.


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