Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Party!!

Throw a Spooktacular Halloween Party Halloween is one of the most fun times of year, for kids and grown ups too! A chance to play dress up, have fun and get into a spooky mood before the madness of Christmas is upon us, it’s a great excuse for a get-together with family and friends. Here’s what you need to throw a Spooktacular Halloween party: The Costumes It’s not Halloween without costumes, and, whether you want to go super scary or super cute, dressing up is really good fun. George’s range of fancy dress is brilliant this year, and won’t break the bank either. Examples include an adorable toddler pumpkin and a terrifying adult clown costume. For little girls, the Teen Cheerleader costume is sure to be popular, or what about the light up Pirate Outfit for little boys? The Cake The cake is the centrepiece of any party, and you’ll be able to pick up fondant pumpkins and the like from the supermarket. If you like to bake though, why not make your own? This haunted graveyard cake is a super simple traybake at heart, but will look really impressive in the middle of your party table. The Food As well as the ready-made party food in the shops, you can find plenty of inspiration for a really gory spread online. Think eerie eyeball cake pops, blood red jelly, spooky spider cakes and witches finger pastry snacks. For grown up parties pumpkin recipes, like spicy pumpkin stew and frosted pumpkin cake will go down well, washed down with lots of lovely blood red wine of course! The Games Kids will love gooey, gory games like pass the pumpkin (hollow out a pumpkin and fill with treats) and bobbing for apples, and ‘wrapping the mummy’ always goes down well – just be sure to stock up on the value loo roll! If in doubt, party favorites like pass the parcel and musical bumps can be spooked up with the right music. For grown ups, maybe something a bit more retro? You can pick up the Atmosfear board game on Amazon to re-live a childhood classic (for 80’s kids at least!). The Atmosphere Music is a big party of creating a party atmosphere so make sure you’ve got a decent playlist. There are many Halloween CD’s available, with terror-ific tunes like Thriller, Ghostbusters and Monster Mash, or make your own on iTunes. Decorations and lighting are also super important for creating the right scary vibe, so shop till you drop for cotton spiders’ webs, hanging skeletons, flickering electric candles, spooky fairy lights and gruesome props. Getting someone to dress up as a scary butler to answer the door when guests start arriving is a good idea, to get the spooky atmosphere going from the minute they arrive. The Guests All you need now is the guests! Choose a group who like to have fun and will join in with the games, and put up a sign saying ‘Broomsticks and Black Cats Outside Please!’ It’s so easy to put together a bloodcurdling brilliant Halloween party. Do your worst and have fun scaring your party guests silly!

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