I had never heard of Tippr before today.  I signed up and immediately received a $5.00 credit. WOO HOO! Yea ME!!  Which would bring this little gadget down to $7.00!  I’m looking at getting a new car and I think I need this for my car!  Has anyone else tried one of these??

The interior of your car is a mini black hole that absorbs coins, pens, cell phones, and important receipts as fast as you can drop them. Keep your stuff out of the abyss with today’s deal from Live It Nexus: $12 buys four Super Sticky Pads, a $120 value!

Attach the Super Sticky Pad to your dashboard, window, refrigerator, desk, or any other hard surface to create a secure space for important items. Objects attach and detach easily, with no adhesive residue left behind. Pads stay Super Sticky for up to five years, during which time you’ll amass enough spare change to retire in style.

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