Tips For Achieving A Great Garden!!

A garden is a place where one must feel comfortable while still enjoying the beauty around the place. It should not be hard to navigate through large plants with leaves brushing across your face. A great garden is one where you will find it relaxing to sit in or have company over for garden tea sessions and one where you can walk around comfortably. You must ensure that you select the best landscape for the size of garden you have, as well as the right flowers to fill the place. Here are some tips on how to achieve a great garden.

Make Sure Your Pathways Are Wide Enough

Your pathways should be comfortable for people to walk through the garden. They should not limit movement or make a person feel like they are entangled in flowers when walking through the place. Make sure that your pathways are wide enough such that two people walking side by side can do so easily. It is advisable to have at least 5 feet in your paths. If you have very tall plants, consider widening the path. The reason for this is because tall plants tend to make a pathway feel much smaller.

Create Gentle Steps

Outdoor steps that do not ascend gently have the possibility of looking too steep. Gentle steps will create the appearance of safety rather than a high possibility of falling while going up or down. If you have a large garden and are considering more than ten steps, ensure that you have landings after every few steps, preferably three or four steps. This will reduce the image of steps that are too steep. It is also advisable to create an adequate landing in places where the stairway changes its direction.

Have Enough Sitting Space

Gardens are great areas for entertaining guests. If are willing to create room for dining any visitors that you may have, ensure that the area has ample space. Create enough space to hold each person comfortably after you have figured out the likely number of maximum guests you can have. You should also leave enough room for furniture. It needs to be evenly spaced out so that it does not appear disorganized. If you have a smaller garden, consider talking to a landscaper about the right type of furniture to place there.

Put Strong Paving

It is essential to ensure that your paving does not make it hard to walk during the winter or rainy seasons. Choose a material that will provide sure footing no matter what kind of weather there is. Avoid materials like smooth tiles or granite stone. Instead, opt for unsifted gravel. This kind of gravel usually provides the perfect pavement because of the different sizes of stones that compose it. This nature makes it easier to compact, therefore making a strong pavement. You must also ensure that your pavement drains rainwater or molten snow appropriately so that there are no pools of water on the surface.

Make High Arches

If you have an outdoor garden, chances are that some of the plants will grow to be very tall, especially the case with box shrubs such as these from The Tree Center. It is important to create enough room so that you do not have to bend when passing through. Ensure that you leave enough headroom when creating arches. It is advisable to leave about 7 feet so that even when the plants grow, they will not look overcrowded and you will not end up brushing across plants when passing. Some of the plants that need enough room are Wisteria, Climbing Roses, and Pergolas. You should have the posts for climbing plants a few feet from the pathway so that there will be enough space to move around comfortably.

Leave Enough Room For Plant Growth

When planting your first plants, do not overcrowd them because as they get bigger they will choke each other. You should leave some adequate space for each plant depending on how big it is going to get when it matures. If you feel that leaving space will make the garden look empty, you can always have temporary plants to fill up space while the others grow. There are a variety of options that you can pick from, some of them being butterfly bush, tall verbena, and golden tree marrow. Remember to check on the fillers too so as to prevent them from overtaking the rest. If you would rather not have fillers, you should relocate the permanent plants as they grow bigger.

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Keep A Good Distance Between Your Paths And Flowers

Do not place tall plants too close to the pathway. It is advisable to have more ground-crawlers along the paths and tall plants in the inner parts of the garden. Keep a good distance between your plants and any walk-ways and the edges of your patio. You should also keep thorny plants or pungent ones further away from the path. Choose the fragrant and thornless plants to be closer to the pathway.

Consider Having A Lawn

If you have enough space for a lawn, do not ignore it. Lawn grass is comfortable and ideal for playing on. This should overlook the high maintenance and labor costs that it may have. Keep in mind that a lawn will endure some harsh weather that your flowers may not so do not dismiss it altogether. However, if you feel that you will waste too much energy on a lawn, you can opt for a pavement or plants around that area. You can also have a small lawn surrounded by short plants.

Choose More Than Bloom

Most people plant flowers with the thought of how beautiful they will look during the spring when they are in full bloom. As much as this is rewarding, it helps to have flowers that provide more than just bloom. Get a plant that will have flowers as well as other things when it is not the blooming season. You can ask for expert advice on the best all-year-round plants. Consider having oakleaf hydrangeas so that you can have fun watching the leaves turn in autumn or winter berries so you can enjoy their branches in winter when they bear fruit.

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