Tips for Choosing Furniture for Small Rooms

Small room with furniture featuring longer legs, more space, and a bed with storage space underneath it.

Whether you live in a studio, one-bedroom apartment, or a small home, the biggest challenge is often making the most of the limited space. But scaled-down living doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort, style, or convenience. Here are a few basic tips for choosing furniture for small rooms.

Measure, Measure, Measure

After you move into an unfurnished apartment, break out the tape measure and take your home’s measurements before you head out to the furniture store. This means doors, windows, and walls as well. Knowing the length, height, and width of every part of the place lets you pick pieces that won’t just fit their future rooms but will also make it past the front door. After taking measurements, draw up a plan too, showing exactly where everything will go.

Go Multifunctional

In space-conscious environments, multi-functional furniture becomes paramount. Ottomans with built-in storage can serve as additional seating and declutter your space. Consider a platform bed frame with integrated shelving to maximize storage capacity in bedrooms. Studio apartments can benefit from the versatility of sofa beds, transforming from a comfortable couch by day to a restful sleeping area at night. Extendable dining tables offer adaptability, allowing you to host gatherings or enjoy intimate meals.

Trick the Eyes

While you can’t always add an extra room to your home, you can convince your mind that the room is bigger than it is with a few simple adjustments. Mirrors are a lovely way to decorate any room, and they create the illusion of other rooms as well. Lighter-colored furniture, paint, curtains, and other things also make a room feel more open and airier. Furniture with legs also opens more space, at least at the ground level.

Size and Scale

Keep the stuff in your room to a minimum. Scaling back and decluttering makes a room less cramped. Don’t choose too many pieces, and absolutely stay away from hefty furniture that dominates a room. Keep your space open and consider downsizing. A loveseat instead of a couch, for instance, or a smaller table and chair set instead of a large seven-piece dining room set.

Those are just a few tips for choosing furniture for small rooms. Stay creative and think vertically, not horizontally. You’ll be surprised at how much room in available in even the smallest spaces!


  • Tamra Phelps

    One big issue I have in my apartment is no matter where I put something big, like a couch or table, it is in the way of something else, lol.

  • gloria patterson

    This is great information for people moving from homes or big apartments to SMALLER ONES.

    Ever thing has to have more then one way to use them. I have saw people move in here with these big tables and chairs. That takes up to much room.

    And everbody needs storage

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