Tips For Turning a Sunroom Into a Playroom!!

Finding an area in our homes to be a playroom can be a tall order, but also can feel necessary. You don’t want your kid’s toys, games and craft supplies to crowd the rest of your home, and having a dedicated space to keep all of this can reduce clutter and make cleanup easier.

With that being said, most people don’t have a lot of extra square footage to dedicate to a playroom, but if you have a sunroom, it can be a good fit.

Sunrooms aren’t usually used all that often, and they can be a bright, fun place for kids to play. Plus, they often have tile floors that are easy to clean up if there’s a spill.

Start out by adding some vertical blinds or quality window coverings, which will help control the amount of light in the room throughout the day, and also help manage the temperature. From there, the following are some design tips for a playroom in your sunroom.

Storage and Organization

First and foremost, with any new playroom design project, having adequate storage and organization is important. You can create your own window seat with cube storage shelves.
Choose two cube storage units that can be vertical, and then one (usually with only one row of cubes) that you can place horizontally. Place the single unit between the two vertical ones, and you have a seating area, plus lots of extra storage. You can add a cushion or some throw pillows to make it look even more like a window seat.

You can also use baskets on the floor for additional storage because they look great in a sunroom, and they’re easy for kids to put their toys away in.

Soft Rugs

Sunrooms often have hard floors, and more often than not they’re tile. You want to warm it up for your kids and give them a soft place to play, so consider some plush rugs.

Shag rugs tend to work well, or you could do a natural fiber like a jute rug, and layer it with something softer on top for something chic but also functional.

Chalk Board Wall

Chalkboard walls are a big hit in playrooms, so you can add one in a sunroom as well.

This way, your kids can feel like they get to be creative and even draw on the walls, and you won’t mind.


Finally, sunrooms obviously get a lot of light, so they’re a good place to add some plants or greenery, and your kids (depending on their age), can take on this greenery as their own project.

One idea that can be particularly fun is a living wall. You can create a pocket system where you grow herbs or other small plants vertically. Your kids can learn to take responsibility for taking care of their indoor hanging garden, and it adds color and an organic element to your playroom design.

Finally, if your kids are going to be using the playroom as a way to do crafts, hang some string or twine along the wall with some clips that they can use as a place for everything to dry.

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