Toddler Time Review and G!VEAWAY!!!

Help My Toddler BookMy regular followers know how much I love Blythe Lipman! Blythe has an arm load of accolades to her name!! Check this out, Blythe Lipman CDA, is an Infant Care Specialist, has worked with babies for over twenty years. She began her career at Boston University’s Neonatal Care Unit. Blythe holds workshops for new, sleep-deprived parents, in-home visits, invaluable tips, and sound advice. Her work with parents, preschools, hospitals, and caregivers throughout North America earned her a reputation as one of the top infant care experts of today. But, I’m not done!! Blythe also has a weekly radio show Baby and Toddler Instruction‘, (I get to be her guest again!! September 4th! Don’t worry, I will remind you!)  She has written two of my all-time favorite books!!  HELP!! My Baby Came Without Instructions and introducing her newest, HELP! My Toddler Came Without Instructions!

Blythe LipmanBlythe has tips and hints that work!! REALLY TRULY WORK!! My followers know that I watch my 2-Year-Old Granddaughter Alice during the week.  Let me tell you what, if I come up against a problem that I am throwing my hands up and ready to growl at this kid, Blythe KNOWS!  The hints and answers are IN THE BOOK!!! Seriously!! She knows about the biting!  She has answers! The screaming? Blythe has answers.

Blythe has thought of everything!!  The book includes ideas for potty training.  Sleep training! Ditching the BINKY!!  (That is next on NaNa’s list!!) The book is funny, heartwarming and so very, very, very, VERY helpful! Blythe writes so you can understand, this isn’t a stuffy, hard to read and follow book. Blythe writes like you are sitting together enjoying a cup of coffee together and she’s giving you some great idea’s to try!

I believe in my heart of hearts that HELP! My Baby Came Without Instructions and HELP! My Toddler Came Without Instructions! Should be given to each new and ‘not so new’ parent!! Yes, I think the stork should deliver these books with every baby! These books save a LOT of headaches!! A lot of yelling and screaming and hair pulling for the adults!

The AMAZING Blythe is giving away LIVE on her radio show, (Ya know, with special guest star ME ME ME!!) 2 copies of HELP! My Toddler Came Without Instructions AND 2 copies of HELP! My Baby Came Without Instructions! Good LUCK!!!!

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