TOGUARD Dash Cam Review!!

How many times have I complained about Southern California’s freeways?? Too many to count that’s how many! Why are they called freeway’s? That makes them sound fast, when in actuality they should be called parking lots. 8 lanes of stopped cars. If The Husband has his way I’ll be living in Wyoming in the near future. (Yes, that makes my head hurt!)Now, if everyone drove as safe and cautiously as I do (MAN! I am one funny, funny girl!!) I wouldn’t need a dash cam. No one would! However, since the freeways here are dead stop to 60+ MPH a dash cam is an important tool for my car. I was very glad that I had a dash cam when I had a minor accident recently (no damage, no one hurt). Having the piece of mind of a dash cam made me feel really good. UP until I realized that my camera didn’t do an auto loop recording. So, once my memory card was full it stopped recording! ACKKKK I had tons of  videos from last year!!! Thankfully I didn’t need the recording. BUT! Lesson learned!!

I now have a TOGUARD Dash Cam! Small in size but powerful!! This camera is full HD 1080P. This little gem loops over and over!! As soon as the micro SD card fills up the camera starts over, recording over the oldest 1, 2 or 3 minute video clip. I have uninterrupted monitoring!!

This is a small, palm sized dash cam with super night vision!
TOGUARD HD Dash CamI love that this dash cam is small and in no way obstructs my view out the front windshield. The suction cup is strong! This little puppy stays put even on a very hot day.
TOGUARD Dash CamThe TOGUARD arrives with an extra long cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter. The best part? TOGUARD arrives with a 16gb micro SD card! I was very pleased with that extra perk.

The camera remembers all of my settings and continues to record for a couple of seconds after the car turns off.

When I start the car the TOGUARD comes on right away. Set up was super easy! I had my preferences updated along with the date and time in less than 10 minutes! I love that the TOGUARD is small enough that it doesn’t scream ‘HEY!! Break in here and grab a dash cam!’


Not a single one! Great resolution, 1080 resolution. Just don’t forget to remove the protective piece from the dash cam lens, or your video quality will not be as clear and crisp. (Yes, I know this by experience)


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  • Kate Sarsfield

    It’s a great idea to have the camera run for a bit after you switch off. Actually what I’d like is a camera that only comes on when I’ve parked as that’s when those annoying bumps & scrapes happen most.

  • Tamra Phelps

    There was recently a ring of scammers deliberately causing accidents in KY. Having a dash cam would be great if you get caught in a situation like that.

  • CJ

    I could see that as being very useful in an accident. It can film exactly what happened if insurance investigators need to determine who is at fault.

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