Top 6 Furniture Trends That Will Continue Into 2017

2016 has been a beautiful year for design and interior décor. You’ve been treated with a selection of new trends, as well as the rediscovery of old classics. While the New Year will undoubtedly produce plenty of new designs, some furniture trends from this year will continue to dominate far into 2017 as well. From over stuffed sofas to beautifully designed solid wood side tables your home should reflect your sense of style. While keeping up with trends, remember your comfort is the most important factor.

Love affair with blue

Furniture comes in a number of colours, with blue being a popular pick in 2016. Different shades of blue have been part of the living room furniture, with navy blue sofas dominating the design scene. In 2017, blue will continue to be a popular pick, especially in kitchen décor. Blue cabinets, kitchen counters and even dining tables should be on your wish list.

Slimmer, scaled-down profile furniture

The days of massive furniture pieces has been over for quite some time and the trend of scaled-down pieces will continue in 2017. Furniture is not supposed to be the dominant feature anymore and your rooms should not feel crammed up with furniture.

The use of wood grain in furniture

Natural looking furniture will be a key decorating trend next year. If you followed the advice of décor experts this year and bought wood grain furniture, you can happily keep the pieces on display next year as well. Oak is a must-have choice, although darker finishes are also popping up next season and you can choose from a number of wood finishes.

Modern, strong silhouettes

As well as opting for slimmer furniture pieces, you should also stick with the trend of strong silhouettes. Combine the trend of wood grain furniture with beautifully crafted and designed items. If you want something a bit different, decorative elements in aluminium are a popular pick for the new year.

Traditional styles

Although furniture pieces are celebrating sleek finishes, certain traditional styles have come back with a modern twist. The big leather sofas are a great example of this. The leather models combine strong silhouette, traditional design and scaled-down design.

Eco-friendly furniture

Eco-friendly furniture is becoming a big theme and this fantastic trend will continue to dominate in 2017. Shoppers are not just money-conscious, but also want to find items that won’t damage the beautiful and fragile planet we live in. Re-used furniture, recycling pieces and using sustainable sourced materials are all great way to ensure your décor is greener.

Shopping for trends without breaking the budget

The fact that furniture trends from 2016 are floating towards 2017 can help you save a bit of money this year, since you won’t need to redecorate everything. But you should also take advantage of the massive holiday shopping options coming ahead. Furniture retailers like Barker and Stonehouse are discounting their products with voucher codes during Black Friday and Boxing Day sales. You should check out the online stores beforehand and select the items you want, waiting to find out if they are part of the sales theme.

Decorating is always a fun activity and a new piece of furniture can instantly brighten up your rooms. Be smart with the trends and go with designs that fit your overall decorating theme and style. Take advantage of sales and you can enjoy decorating every now and then without feeling guilty!


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