Top Online Side Hustles For 2021

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Most people will agree that the current coronavirus pandemic has forced so many to their knees financially, as several have lost their source of income. As if that’s not bad enough, a countless number of people have had to spend most of their days behind closed doors under COVID-19 safety protocols. Unfortunately, that means it’s almost impossible to start looking for a new job. 

If you happen to be in one of those occupations hit hard because of the current pandemic, all is not lost. With the increasing number of people now joining the online world, there are new avenues for you to make some extra cash while you are still at home. So, are you stuck at home and running out of cash? Here are some online side hustles you might want to consider for the moment. 

Start an ecommerce business with no products

In 2021, you longer need to have your products or services to start an ecommerce business. The principle here is pretty simple; you don’t need to carry an inventory to sell it. Instead, you can run an ecommerce model that operates by purchasing items from vendors and having them shipped directly to the customer. Again, you can check out dropship lifestyle reviews to learn more. 

Become a freelancer online

If you have some sellable skills, you can try turning them into services by becoming an online freelancer. For example, are you a trained photographer? Do you have excellent writing skills? Are you good at content editing and graphic design? Do you have the perfect voice for voiceovers? And suppose you’re worried about marketing your skills. In that case, you can take advantage of platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or even various social media platforms to make your talent visible to the online world and attract clients. In addition, online freelancing offers an excellent opportunity to make money while you’re still at home. 

Be an online tutor

Because of the current pandemic and lockdown measures, several schools have closed temporarily, leaving a considerable gap to be filled in the education sector. Current educational arrangements now place a lot of burden on teachers, and they’ll need all the help they can get until normalcy returns in the educational sector. In the meantime, you can help fill this temporary gap if you excel or have training in specific subjects. Plus, with online solutions like Zoom, you no longer need to be physically present with a student. 

Start a blog

Do you love writing? Do you have expert opinions about specific topics you want to share? Then why not take blogging as a side gig? Blogging is one of the best side jobs you can do online in 2021, and indeed beyond – right from the comfort of your home. It gives you the chance to create a brand, express your point of view, and own assets of your own. Today, you can blog on numerous topics, depending on where your niche lies, and share with an interested audience. You can also make money from your blogs by adding affiliate links, advertising other products, etc. 


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