Trail Cam Friday

I moved the trail cam to the left of our garage door instead of outside my craft room.  My thoughts were: A. easier to get too (true)  B. better variety of pictures (false)

So, these are not the best pictures for the week. Granted, it’s been icky outside. It’s either snowing or raining or both at the same time. Seriously cloudy and gray all day. HOWEVER!!! (See?? Y’all knew I’d find something good! RIGHT?!!?!?)

The snow, rain, mist produced some really cool effects for this weeks pictures.

Of course, I believe I caught a flying saucer yet AGAIN!!

Then these were too funny NOT to share. Bear investigating the camera and The Husband pouring corn at justttttttt the right angle that had me doing a double take. See if you do a double take as well.

Last picture is really the only picture that really shows the amount of traffic we get. One of these guys is missing an antler. I’m hoping it’s close! I call DIBS!!!


I really do love my wildlife photos!

6 thoughts on “Trail Cam Friday

  1. Yep, that definitely brought on a double-take. I always read your explanations before I jump to conclusions, lol.

  2. Wow look at those deer! They are just so awesome. Love how the one is like “Hey buddy, move over!” Oh and I did take a double take. LOL

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