Trail Cam Friday!

I moved the camera just a little. It’s much better than looking at the side of the barn. RIGHT?!?! This is to the side of our house looking down our road.

This angle will hopefully show me who is walking up to our yard. I mean……. hellllo. It’s a long driveway. It’s obvious it’s someone’s house and yet…… they never come to the door. They walk up this long driveway……… it’s weird. Right?  Some day I will video tape how far off the road we actually are. It’s A HIKE!

Okay… see? Shiny…. side tracked…… gesh!

I like this first set of pictures because it reminds me of Alice. “Is someone taking pictures?? I want IN!”   (the batteries died over the weekend and reset the date and time. I have GOT to remember to check that when I add new batteries!)

This picture I liked because it shows what the buck looks like after he sheds his antlers for the season. I thought it was really cool. I’d never seen one up close before. (NOW if I can just find those sheds………..)

And a few more fun shots. Only deer this week. No turkey’s. No bears. No moose. Just greedy well fed, spoiled deer!

I wonder what they saw that had them RUNNING?!?!


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