Trail Cam Friday April 24

Better late than not at all right?? RIGHT!!

This time I took some snap shots of my walk to the trail cams so I could show you where I have them stashed. I did that mostly in case I had no interesting pictures. Hedgin’ my bets.

It’s a pretty walk.

I also snapped a picture so you can see just how well the trail cam blends into the tree. No wonder I loose them so many times.

From the trail cam at the end of the driveway. We got a couple of good shots. Nothing really spectacular.

Mostly, The Husband walking Bear. Then of course the mad dash when we shake the corn bucket and everyone comes a runnin’

2nd stick…….. My BEAR is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot WOOT!! I absolutely love watching my bears. They look soooo cuddly.  (Yes, I know I will no doubt die petting something I shouldn’t have!)

Have a wonderful Friday all!!

Stay well.


  • Rosie

    We have bears walking around fairly main streets, someone posted a shot this morning. I prefer them way out yonder, where they have lots of nature and not very likely to get hit by a car. I love the trail cam pictures, we grew up in a woodsy area on top of a mountain, but no view. I wonder, do you get the corn in large feed bags?

    • Connie: The Head Peanut

      YES! Rosie, Walmart has deer corn a big 25 pound bag? Maybe it’s 50 pound but BIG bag. It’s under $8 and the deer LOVE it!!! Our bear is back again, last night our baby girl bear let out a deep growl. I stopped brushing my teeth and listened…. nothing…….. started brushing again…. heard the low growl… looked at fur baby and she let out a big girl bark (I about jumped outta my skin) I looked out the bathroom window to see what she was interested in…. there sauntered along right under the window (3 stories down) was a big ole black bear. So disappointed the trail cam didn’t pick up the movement.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    What a beautiful place you have there. Nice time out walking you can stay away from the virus being at home yet enjoying the outdoors. The cams must be so fun to view too.

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