Trail Cam Friday April 9

Well, trail cam Friday is NOT cooperating this week. The most interesting shot was this one!

Trail cam Friday

Of course, turkey’s always want their pictures taken. So at least there is that…………

Trail Cam Turkey

All is not lost when I have my camera with me on my hikes. Soooooo here are a few shots I snapped this week as I hiked.

Remember the wind storm that we had in March? We lost 30 some trees. BIG 70′ plus trees. To give you an idea of the size of roots I took a picture of my hand with the root. Seriously, the holes that these pulled up trees are DEEP! Seriously, gonna take a lot of work to fill up.

Then, I found a stump that was so unique. Then a tree growing between two very large boulders. Truly an amazing sight.

It was a great hike. Of course if you follow me on Instagram you know my greatest find this week is a matched set (same buck) of sheds. Soooooooo happy!

Here is next years shed in the making.

I hope you are all well and not going too crazy staying home.



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