Transmission Troubles: Reasons Your Vehicle Won’t Shift

Just when I thought my busy schedule was under control, my car decided to give me trouble. It was accelerating slowly and making an awful screeching sound!

After some research and assistance from my mechanic, I finally got to the bottom of the problem. If you feel lost with your auto issues, I’ll take you through the possible reasons why your vehicle won’t shift smoothly anymore.

Faulty Transmission Sensors

Transmission sensors are advanced gadgets that serve as the eyes and ears of your car’s transmission system. They inform the car’s computer precisely when to shift for a ride as smooth as butter.

When the sensors malfunction, the vehicle is lost! Symptoms can include hesitant gear shifts or being stuck in a gear longer than expected, leading to an unpredictable driving experience.

Low Transmission Fluid

Are you forgetting to check your car’s transmission fluid? Odds are you’ve been driving without enough for a while now. Transmission fluid is the heart and soul of your vehicle’s transmission system. It prevents overheating, greases up the gears, and stops friction.

Installing a dedicated transmission cooler in your manual vehicle gives the transmission an extra layer of protection by keeping the fluid flowing. With the fluid cooled, your transmission can shift easily again.

Malfunctioning Shift Solenoids

automotive repairModern automatic transmissions rely on a wealth of fancy electronics to make the vehicles drive comfortably on every interstate and backroad. Inside these contraptions, you’ll find solenoids: tiny gadgets that control the flow of hydraulic fluid like they’re directing traffic at a busy intersection.

Solenoids ensure effortless gear shifts. When they act up, however, the transmission and your driving experience are in a heap of trouble. The car will suddenly jolt into another gear and make it impossible to accelerate or slow down comfortably. Not only is it bothersome, but it’s also dangerous!

Blocked Transmission Filter

In the same way that eating a poor diet can block your arteries, a clogged transmission filter can interfere with gear shifting in your car. The transmission filter keeps the fluid clean, trapping debris before it causes problems. Shifting gears becomes incredibly difficult with a clogged filter.

Prompt repairs and consistent maintenance are sure to keep your ride running smoothly and help your vehicle shift again. With these transmission troubles in the past, you can switch your focus to improving your car’s aesthetics. Every drive will feel simultaneously secure and luxurious.


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    There is a lot of good information!! Would I ever need it NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I was having problem it would go to my guys shop and they can figure the problem out.

    I am one of the weird people that no where the car manual and has post it notes in it.

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