Trioo Optical Eyewear Review

Once again; I LOVE MY JOB!!! Check out my new glasses from Trioo Optical Eyewear. This frame is called the Hilo in Canary Wood. WOW!! This frame is a rich and elegant blend of acetate and beta-titanium. This is a stunning frame!! I love that this frame is very lightweight. Extremely flexible and RUGGED!! Why do kids always go for the glasses?? I can say with confidence these glasses are Alice Proof!!

What I love about Trioo Optical Eyewear besides the awesome frame selection is the fact that these stylin’ frames come with PRESCRIPTION LENSES!!  My prescription!!  AND for under a hundred dollars!! Trioo lenses are made of a hard resin. The lenses are lightweight and impact-resistant aspheric lenses.

Conventional lensasperices have a front surface that is spherical, meaning it has the same curve across its entire surface, much like a baseball. Aspheric lenses, on the other hand, have a more complex front surface that gradually changes in curvature from the center of the lens out to the edge.

Not only aspheric lenses; but lenses that start at 1.61 index lens. Basically that means your lenses will be thinner, lighter and with crisp clear vision!!

The lenses are coated twice with Anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch AND anti-static coglasses4ating!! ALL INCLUDED!!

My Hilo Canary Wood frame AND lens; with all the bells and whistles $97!!

I’m blown away by the price!!  These are quality frames with crisp, clear lenses. The entire frame and lens combination is extremely lightweight and comfortable. I couldn’t be happier if I tried!

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Before Alice came along I worked for an Optometrist; I know quality frames and I know great lenses!! Trioo has both!! I am thoroughly pleased with my new glasses. These glasses are awesome!! The EXACT look I was going for!! AND BIG BONUS!! WAY less than I would have spent anywhere else.

I love the fact that Trioo includes a great hard case for my glasses, with Microfiber Cleaning cloth thrown in ALONG with a mini screw driver!! If you have ever had loose temples on your frames you know just how handy this little screw driver is!!


Are you kidding?!! The selection of frames is amazing!! The lenses are premium! The prices are fantastic!! I am thoroughly and completely thrilled with my new glasses. I’ve already started shopping for another pair! What do you think of these glasses?? Id love to know which are your favorite!?!




    I’m jealous that they’re not available in Ireland! I’m also jealous that you get so many freebies to try but I know it’s hard work co-ordinating everything need to produce such a great blog.

  • Sarah L

    Really nice looking glasses. How do you wear all your neat sunglasses when you have to wear regular glasses/

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’m going to check these out. I’ve been wearing the same glasses for 19 years, can you believe that? They desperately need to be replaced because I can barely see through them. But it always seemed too expensive to get new ones. (I live on a fixed income & my insurance covers the exam but not the glasses.) These look really affordable!

  • Carol S.

    I love the blue Mariana in the Archipelago collection! Oh my goodness, $67 including the prescription lenses. How easy on the budget is that! Can’t wait for the hubby to come home so I can show him, I know he’ll want new glasses also. Thanks for sharing.

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