Trista Sutter: My Family Has Given Me A Purpose & True Happiness

TristaTrista Sutter and her husband Ryan have been married for almost ten years and plan to renew their vows. The Bachelorette star recently told Celebrity Baby Scoop that they are filming the ceremony in a primetime special for ABC on January 19. In our interview with the mom-of-two – Trista also talks about her new book Happily Ever After. The Life Changing Power Of A Grateful Heart, their children Max and Blakesley, and living outside of Hollywood.

CBS: Why did you decide to write Happily Ever After? It is more a memoir or an advice book?

TS: The process started after a conversation I had with someone about finally trying to make one of my dreams a reality…writing a children’s book.  Through that conversation, I ended up speaking with a literary agent and she advised me to start my literary journey with an adult book of some kind.  I didn’t want to write a memoir or biography just to have my face on the cover of a book, but instead for it to have meaning and discuss something that I could write about from an authentic place.  Gratitude is that topic and I came to that conclusion after explaining to my agent that I make a conscious effort to be grateful every night by posting my favorite part of the day (#favepartofday) on social media.  It’s a way for me to focus on the positive and be mindful of all the blessings in my life…big and small, and through this book, I hope to spread the word about the power of embracing a grateful heart.  Not only through the stories I’ve shared from my personal life and from those of my friends and family, but because science actually backs it up. So, if you don’t want to take my word for it…believe the experts!

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