TriVision Clever Dog Security Cam

I love being able to watch the wildlife outside my door. I have trail cams set up around different areas outside but when the weather is nasty it’s REALLY nice to just look on my phone and check to see what’s outside. The TriVision Cam is exactly what I have been looking for.
Trailcam picture

Y’all know I am still trying for a daytime picture of my moose! However, they are pretty stubborn and only come around at night.

This camera is very cool!!  First up, it’s small!! It doesn’t even look like a security camera!

Less than 4″ tall and only weighs 4 OUNCES!!  Yup, that’s how little this is!! It stands on it’s own or you can attach it to the base and then you can attach it to the wall. Very COOL!!

This camera will hold a 128gb micro sd card or you can set it up to record to the cloud.

With this cam you have the ability to continuously record or set it up to record only when the cam detects motion.

I love how quickly the TriVision sends alerts to my phone. There is no lag time. This would be a perfect Nannie Cam. Or pet cam too.

The app was easy to set up and has plenty of options like sound, alerts, how much motion you want to detect. Since I have my TriVision Cam facing outside (I will catch that Moose!!) I first had the sensitivity set to high but the cam caught the leaves rustling so now I have it set to middle and that seems to be perfect for catching the animals.

I love being able to set the cam to sound an alarm when it senses motion. I actually turned that off because the wild turkey’s are thick up here.

The TriVision has great picture quality too!! Crystal clear at 960p HD video with infrared night vision
120° wide angle! That’s amazing considering this camera is under $40!!

This camera also has two-way audio which is great as a nanny cam or in my case lets my granddaughter Alice check up on The Non through the built-in de-noising speaker and mic straight from your smartphone.


None. I’m very pleased with the crystal clear picture! Now…….. about this moose……..



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