Trrtlz Bracelets Review & GIVEAWAY!

Time for some cuteness!! I have some adorable bracelets to share with you today. Whether you want to think of these adorable Trrtlz as friendship bracelets or conversation starters; one thing is for certain they are super cute and they are meant to be shared!! This adorable collection of bracelets in all different colors, different shapes and with different meanings too. These really are just too cute not to share!!

These cute bracelets are the perfect conversation starter; a way to say hello, thank you, or something to remember me by. HOW fun would it be to take these to summer camp?!!?

Turtle Friendship Bracelets are a one size fits all; made on a stretchy band. The bright colorful beads are separated by silver beads. So cute!! Slip a stack of them on or just one. They are guaranteed to make you smile!

From adorable turtle shaped beads to little penguinz; little elephantz and owlz too! Each color stands for something different.

  • Blue Turtle Bracelet (Cool)
  • Gray Turtle Bracelet (Classy)
  • Green Turtle Bracelet (Balance)
  • Orange Turtle Bracelet (Bold)
  • Pink Turtle Bracelet (Hope)
  • Purple Turtle Bracelet (Loyalty)
  • Rainbow Turtle Bracelet (Friendship)
  • The Trrtlz Bracelet Red (Love)
  • Yellow Turtle Bracelet (Freedom)
  • White Turtle Bracelet (Peace)

I absolutely LOVE it when someone comments on how cute my bracelet is because it gives me such JOY to take it off and hand it to that person and say “It’s yours” First, they argue and then I let them know that these bracelets are MEANT to share. Pay it forward. Enjoy the bracelet. Maybe someday pass it along to someone else. I promise you as happy as they are with their new bracelet I feel ten times as good as they do. It really does make my day!!

The bracelets start out bright and the more you wear them the more they fade and the more unique they become. Stack ’em, mix ’em, share ’em. Share a new bracelet and start your friend on a new adventure; share a faded one to continue the adventure that you started.

You can find trrtlz at 7-11 stores and now on Amazon!! Amazon even has some new bracelets!! Like The trrtlz – DRAGONZ Black Charm Bracelet (Classy) and MONKEYZ!! I must have both of those!!

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