Ugly be GONE!!!!

Ya’all remember my crap CRAFT room drama…. well, I’m finally able to MOVE around in here! When the room belonged to my son we let him paint it any color he wanted.  It would NOT have been my 18,765,289 choice but… it was his. (and in it’s time 17 years aog? WAIT… what? can that be right? He’s now 30… ohhh MYGOD I’m depressed again) ANYWAY, I don’t have the time, energy or strength to paint this room (remember it’s 60% storage and 40% craft room, painting would mean moving tons of boxes out… ya… NOT gonna happen!!) Soooo in front of my sewing machine I did the next best thing!!  I tacked up some of my favorite family pictures in a collage.. a wall to wall collage!!  Look out boxes and other wall… Mama’s got tape and a stapler!! It makes me smile looking at these faces. (to quote my Granddaughter “I LOVE these people!!)  I almost don’t mind that I can sew, use my desk and my cutting board all from a swivel chair that could be anchored to the floor!  (ALMOST!!)

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