Ukshellan Natural Latex Foam Contour Pillow Review

Who knew it would be so hard to find the absolutely perfect pillow to sleep on? With all the choices out there, seriously, how do you narrow it down?

For me I need a pillow designed for a side sleeper. A side sleeper that snores like a Boeing 747 and Mount Vesuvius had a love child. Yeah, I’m loud. I also want a pillow that is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, dust mite and mildew resistant and eco-friendly. Oh and I want it to be comfortable. Not too firm and not too squishy. Am I picky OR WHAT?!

Check out the Ukshellan Natural Latex Foam Contoured Pillow. First, this pillow has an all bamboo, cuddly soft zippered cover. The cover is so soft I’m always tempted to take my pillow case off and sleep directly on the pillow!


Natural latex that is derived from the rubber trees in Thailand. So, not just amazingly soft but the natural latex is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial and mold proof.

The Ukshellan pillow is made using an elaborate Talalay process. This process means this pillow is more ventilated and more resilient than other pillows. What do I mean by ventilated? I mean it’s holy. Like full of holes! (Yeah, I do crack myself up at times!)

With a pillow that is so full of holes you wouldn’t think that it would offer any support to your neck and head. But, it does.  The shape cradles my neck and supports my head whether I sleep on my side or on my back.


This pillow never needs fluffing and never needs washing. I KNOW!! I was amazed too!! But wait, there’s more! (that was done in my best infomercial voice) This pillow has a double zipper so that you can add or remove the poly fill to make this pillow perfect for you. Just a note no extra poly fill arrives with the pillow. I’m sure that you can purchase poly fill on Amazon or a craft store? This Bamboo pillow conforms to your sleeping position for a comfortable sleep.

Why you need to take a Bamboo pillow to bed with you!
* It contours to your head and neck, giving you a proper night’s rest
* It gives you relief from neck stiffness, backache, insomnia and migraines
* Your partner will love it as it’ll allow them to sleep better – not because you’ve purchased one for them also, but because our pillow will stop you from snoring
* It’s dust mite and allergen resistant


I am sleeping really well on this pillow!! I don’t toss and turn all night. I’m also waking up before my alarm. Okay, that’s major for me!! Before my alarm? And before I hit snooze 3 times?!!?

The ventilation holes keep the pillow cool which is a major perk for me and the night sweats.

My only whine would be the cover when it comes time to wash it. The zipper is a hidden zipper that is slightly shorter than the pillow itself, getting the pillow out is going to take some muscle and getting it back inside well, let’s just hope the cover doesn’t need to be washed anytime soon. I do wish the zipper was longer, maybe going around the corners?

Overall, a comfortable pillow! Two thumbs UP!!!



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