Ummm WHAT?!?

Today was a true ummmm WHAT day!!

I managed to go into my Mom’s little apartment.  I was determined to get some sorting done.

First drawer I opened.

A list of passwords. 25 or 30 with the title on the piece of paper PASSWORDS.

Okay, now re-read that last line.  A list of passwords.

Twenty-five or so….


JUST passwords. NO IDEA what accounts. Where did my Mom my go on the Internet?!?!  What accounts does she have?! MOTHER!! What do these passwords go to?!

I laughed so hard I started crying.

Locked the door.

Came back home.

Maybe tomorrow.

25 passwords….. some were very unique!! I am impressed!!


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  • Rosie

    That is a lot of passwords for someone whose life had gotten much simpler! People often change passwords often enough that many may not be current, anyway. Hopefully you aren’t going to really need passwords. Maybe you can ask Alexa what she thinks about it. Should be fun to find out what Alexa says.

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